How To Reduce Health Insurance Premiums?

November 8th, 2019

Health insurance is one of the most important investments of all. It is a stress free way of arranging money for your health. It gives good returns in terms of giving you a peace of mind and helps by saving a lot of money. In addition to this, it comes as a handy help while you go through hospitals and incur expenses in various treatments. However, you can still save on your premiums and cut them down to an affordable amount. There are some time tested ways which can reduce the premiums to a large extent. Find them all here!

How to reduce health insurance premiums?

Choose a higher excess: When you pay higher excess at the beginning of your policy then your premiums are discounted. In case of health insurance, excess is defined as the amount one agrees to pay to cover any treatment and is paid before making the first claim. Most of the providers want you to pay excess only once during the year. This way, by paying excess you actually reduce the cost of premiums.

Reduced choice of hospitals: With your policy, you can get a list of hospitals to choose from. If you keep the list short and select fewer hospitals then your premiums can get reduced.

Selective treatments: As private insurance works as a supplementary service with the NHS, one should select insurance for treatments that are not covered in NHS. This way, you reduce the overall cost paid by the insurer and hence, cut down on your premiums as well.

Tailor made policy: You can easily select the elements of your policy. Apart from the basic cover, you can actually add or subtract various clauses in your policy. You can easily add the bits you want and delete the bits that you do not want. Select as per your health condition. This way, you can tailor make a policy that fits your health as well as your budget.

Shop around: You need to compare various health insurance providers and check which one provides the least premiums and offers big discounts. By comparing and switching to another insurance provider, you can actually save a big deal of money.

These are some of the simple and easy tips to make big savings on your health insurance. You must switch providers to get better deals. For this, check and get free, transparent comparison of insurance providers from across the UK. You can also call us on 02034757476.

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