How to get power cut compensation? – Check Here!

December 11th, 2019

A power cut can be a frustrating experience. It spoils your routine and keeps you in the cold for long. You can certainly ask for a compensation from your energy supplier if the cut or outage is not due to your mistake. As per the law the supplier needs to inform you about a planned power cut for at least two days in advance. If they have failed to do so then you have the right to ask for compensation. However, if the power outage is due to your mistake then you cannot demand reimbursement.

How to claim power cut compensation?

  • First of all you need to have details of the number of hours for which the power was gone. For this, always keep a habit of noting the time when the power failure occurred.

  • Check Ofgem’s Guaranteed Standards. It gives details about whether the power outage falls into the bracket where you can demand a remittance.

  • If yes then find the details of your energy distributor. Please note that the energy distributor is separate from your energy supplier. Info about the distributor is available on the National Grid website.

  • Keep the guidelines of the Guaranteed Standards and find the exact amount of compensation that you are entitled for.

  • Contact the distributor and ask for the compensation. Ideally, they should notify you about the compensation that they owe to you and pay you as quickly as possible. However, if you ask them for a redress then they need to pay you within 10 days.

  • Note that you have 3 months after the date of power cut to apply for the redress. If you fail to apply within this time then there are no chances of getting remittance.

In which situations can you get power cut compensation?

In any situation when the energy distributor does not respond as suggested by the Guaranteed Standards of Ofgem. Yes! Whenever the distributor fails as per the Guaranteed Standards then you have a chance for getting redress.

The following are the common situations when you might suffer a power cut:

Main fuse failure:

If there is a fuse failure between your electricity meter and the distributor’s power cable then you are entitled for a compensation.

Supply restoration:

If the weather conditions are normal and there is a power outage then the distributor has to restore the power supply within a span of 12 hours. If they can’t within this time then you can get redress.

Planned interruptions:

If you are notified before 2 or 5 days before the power outage then the supplier surely owes you money. Again, if they fail to deduct power on the date specified by them and do it on a different date then again you can ask for the reimbursement for loss of power.

Multiple interruptions:

If you have faced four or more power cuts, each longer than three hours and have happened in one calendar year then you are eligible to apply for reimbursement.

Severe weather:

If it is due to the weather condition, then based on its severity and the amount of delay in restoration, the distributor needs to pay the compensation.

How much compensation can one get for a power cut?

As per Ofgem’s standards, you can get redress which will vary as per the situation however, as for now it is described as follows:

Main fuse failure: In this case, you get a straight £30 as compensation.

Planned interruptions: Again, £30 as compensation.

Multiple interruptions: For this case, the outage should be more than four times in a year. The compensation amount is set as £75.

Unplanned power outage in normal weather:

  • £75 for events when the power is not resumed within the first 12 hours

  • £35 extra for every 12 hours that face additional outage situation

Severe weather power outage: £70 when the power supply is not there for 24 hours, in extreme cases it 48 hours. Then onwards, for every 12 hours that you are without power, you would be paid £70. This can reach up to a maximum limit of £700.

For more details on Ofgem Standards, read our energy guides. You can also get details about energy suppliers across the UK, their tariffs, quotes and comparison with other suppliers on our website or call us on 02034757476.

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