How to get a cheap holiday during the summer holiday break

October 10th, 2019

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Prices for flights and hotels soar during the summer holiday period, but there are a few steps you can take to try and get the best possible price.

All together it is cheaper to take holidays outside the school holiday period but in the UK, bunking school can lead to massive fines so it is best avoided.

Find cheap booking dates

In some instances, your school term dates may differ from everyone else’s. This could be due to various reasons such as school construction, local council choosing different dates or even due to inset days. Whatever the reason, utilize this opportunity wisely by heading out to your holiday earlier than everyone else and coming back earlier too.

How to find cheap booking dates

You can check the term dates for your children’s school by contacting the school directly or by using the term time checker.

Then do a general Google search to see other school dates.  

Book package holidays at the end of the summer period

According to the travel body ABTA, prices drop significantly on package holidays at the end of the August/early September period.

So if you are looking for a classic holiday resort, waiting till the end of the summer period may be a fruitful option.

Make use of free flexible fare

Whilst this is a bit sneaky and airline companies have caught on to the trick, it can still be possible from time to time.

For example you could book a flight for the “wrong date” with free flexible fare ticket and then change the date to the correct one as this works out cheaper the booking the right date from the offset.

Villas can be a lot cheaper than hotels

In a big family group you may need multiple rooms in a hotel which can really add to the total cost of the holiday. Instead opt for a villa or an apartment which is a lot less reactive to increases in demand and you can even negotiate with the villa/apartment owner. In some cases, simply asking for a better price and you may be lucky enough to get it.

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