How To Connect With Locals During Your Trip? Find Tips Here!

November 26th, 2019

Travelling is an enriching experience, it teaches more about life and our self than even an educational institute. It is not just about exploring a landscape but also about feeling the wonders of a different culture, lifestyle and beliefs. This is especially the case when you travel in different countries and experience a lifestyle which is radically different than yours.

Now, there are different ways to visit a foreign destination – it could be either like a tourist who goes there, checks out the place, eats, dines, takes photos and comes back, or like a true explorer. The second way to explore a place is best experienced by being with the locals and living their lifestyle. This will help you get the local feel and a chance to experience not just the landscape but also the soul of that place.

The next thing that should naturally come to your mind is ‘how can one know the locals especially when it is a maiden trip to the place?’ Well, there are plenty of ways to forge a friendship and if you are genuine then you will make enough friends even in an unknown destination. However, we have some techniques to help you get to know the locals before and during your travels.

How to connect with locals during your travels?

Fine here, seven tips that would help you make local friends during your trip to a foreign destination. These are tried and tested formulas from some of the most renowned travellers and today we are giving you the crux of their travelling experience. Grab it to make your next trip unique and more heartfelt than ever before.

Search for the local from the travel destination in your city: Well, you need to start from your homeland and find a person who belongs to your travel destination. The best way is to find an international university and get contact details of students who belong to your travel destination. Once you find such people, it’s important to meet them, befriend and ask them about the details of the points of interest, local travel spots, weather and more.

There are chances that your new friends may offer you contact details of their families or friends staying in the native place and you can find someone to meet, talk and get help from when you reach the actual destination. This would be the best thing as you can now rely on someone living in your travel destination and get quick, local information about the place.

Learn the local language: Well, communication is the most important part of getting help for your journey. This makes it mandatory for you to learn the local language and if you cannot master the lingo then at least learn some basic parts for quick communication. The internet is the best resource for this and you can even sign up for some free tutorials to learn a new language. Learning the local language will help you when talking to the locals and haggling with the vendors. This will in turn help you make more friends during the trip and even get some local help who would be happy to show you the place.

Hang out with the locals as much as possible: Well, this may sound weird but there are chances that you meet a college student who would not mind hanging out with you and even lend a helping hand in finding local places to stay. Top travellers around the world have found such friends and have enjoyed good friendship with the locals. Some of them even got to stay with local families and got a chance to live their lifestyle. This may happen with you if you are a friendly and warm person. However, you should ensure that the other person should not feel any kind of inconvenience from your end.

Engage with communities that offer local contacts: You should find out communities or people that offer local contacts and ‘share a home’ facility. You can get details from the internet and find people or companies who would arrange your meeting with locals who want to give their home for rent for a small period of time or offer home exchange so that you have a place that is furnished and ready to live. You may also get some travel tips and get contact details of locals who will walk you through the town.

Eat the local food: Travellers should choose to eat the local food to get a fair idea about the native delicacies and even get some friends while checking out the local eateries. Instead of your hotel, choose to eat at a restaurant filled with locals. This is not only wonderful but also economical when compared to restaurants that offer foreign food. If you like the place and make friends with the waiter then you can return to the same place and save some good deal of money on your trip. You may get a chance to meet families who invite you for food too. If so then this would be your golden chance to know the locals closely and even get their tried and tested suggestions for exploring the place.

Participate in the local events, if any: If you are lucky to travel during the time of local festivals then you would not only enjoy the celebrations but also get to know about the culture of the place. You can check in advance about the local festivals of your travel destination or ask the locals about it on reaching there. Participating in the festivals would be a unique experience that displays the cultural history of that place and may give you some of the best memories of your trip.

Choose personalised trips: There are many people who want to think out-of-the-box and want to try something different than a typical group trip. For this, you need to choose travel experts that offer personalised trips and can connect you with the locals. They would even arrange local tour guides and stay with the local families. As these locals would know the travel planner, there is more safety in this method. Moreover, you will get the local feel and may enjoy more on your trip.

To summarise, these are some of the tried and tested tips to experience the local life of the place you plan to travel. Moreover, it is the finest way to get educated about the culture and lifestyle of the place. At the end, you will not only get the routine experience which every tourist gets but can actually sense and live the real life of the destination.

If you want some more tips that can help you in your travel adventures then check our travel guides that give all the information about popular tourist destinations of the world. We also offer travel packages and flight booking services, which can be found by clicking If you want some more information then, feel free to call our friendly team of travel experts on 02034757476.

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