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How To Buy Cheap Breakdown Cover

November 22nd, 2019

Things to Know Before Buying the Cheapest Breakdown Cover

Everyone wants to buy a cheap breakdown cover. One feels that by buying a cheaper cover, one has secured all the on road crisis, but this may not be the case. You may be stranded on the road and the insurance provider confirms that your vehicle is not insured for that particular condition. Such a situation could be frustrating and may give you a strong feeling of helplessness. So, it’s important that you buy a breakdown cover that is comprehensive yet cheap. Only then, you can have a full peace of mind.

Tips to buy comprehensive yet cheapest breakdown cover:

Check on the basic details: Remember, the best way to protect yourself would be to go through the details of the policy. You can add or subtract things as per your requirements which may include the roads you travel, the age of your vehicle and the budget. The things that convert a basic breakdown cover into a comprehensive one are:

  • Home start: This add-on in the cover will provide you road assistance, even if the car does not start when you are at home or breaks down within a quarter mile near your home. This addition would require you to pay extra premium, but is worth an investment.

  • Nationwide cover: This facility in the breakdown cover ensures that in case of a breakdown the insurer is liable to take the passengers of your car to their destination, which could be anywhere in the UK. So, you can be at peace that you will reach the destination, even when your car has given up.

  • Premium policy: This addition in the cover supports onward travel. If your car breaks down and you have to reach somewhere urgently then the insurance provider facilitates you by arranging another vehicle for onward travel and even provides the accommodation if required. For this you must scour the small print so that you have a thorough understanding of the policy.

  • New car Vs. Old car: Buying any kind types of breakdown policy will depend on the condition of the car. If you have a new car with very little chances of failure, then a basic breakdown cover is enough. However, your used car may need extra cover and would leave you on the road if you just have a basic cover. Therefore, if you have an old car then it is advisable that you buy pricier roadside assistance packages.

The abroad trips: If you are driving outside the UK then you must choose the European breakdown cover which will give you ‘on road’ assistance across the Europe. Again, if you plan for frequent travels to abroad nations, then go for an annual breakdown policy as it would turn out to be a cheaper option.

Personal or Car cover: A breakdown cover is either applicable for the vehicle or the person. If you opt for a personal cover, then you can get roadside assistance, even if you are in a vehicle other than your car. The cover is naturally expensive and so, to save money it’s best to buy a cover for your car. If you are travelling frequently in more than one vehicle, then only you should choose personal cover as it would save you the repair cost if the vehicle you travel in gets damaged.

Choose Pay and claim over the patrol services: Many insurance providers offer their patrol service, i.e. engineers and mechanics that work solely for the insurer. For this, they charge a little higher. Instead, one should choose a ‘pay and claim cover’ in which the repair guys are third party local mechanics. You need to pay them while you make a call out and then your money would be reimbursed by the insurer. Pay and claim is a much cheaper option than patrol service.

Check the discounts: You can get a discount if more than one vehicle is insured. Another aspect is that a policyholder can make a limited number of call outs in a year. If you have a good car and you agree on a small number of call outs, then you can get a genuinely good discount. Buying an online policy will certainly fetch you some more discount too.

Compare and switch: The best way to crack discounted deals is to compare the insurance providers and choose the one that offers a comprehensive yet cheaper deal. Also, if you have been with the same provider for long then switching to another cheaper insurer will lead to big savings.

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