How To Book Cheap Flights? – Find Tried And Tested Solutions!

December 12th, 2019

Want to book cheap flights to Europe? Check how below!

Going on travels fills your heart with joy, but often leaves a big hole in your pocket. Holiday trips can prove expensive and budget busting. To get an affordable holiday you can plan things in advance and choose cheaper hotels, flights and transportation. This will cut down your budget by a huge margin and still offer an enjoyable trip. To start with, one needs to book cheap flights. But how do you go about it? Find out here!

Methods to book cheap flights:

Use comparison sites: Choose a good comparison site to find the best deal on flight bookings. Check the various flight booking providers, the discounts offered and the special deals. Depending on your travel plans, choose the one that suits you the most. Comparison sites help you get the best deal offers without wasting much of the time. It is advisable to check with two different comparison sites so that you can confirm that your choice for flight booking service is right.

Use finds you the best deal for your flights by checking the whole flight comparison market. Depending on your travel plans select the option which suits you the most. The travel tool is intuitive to use so you can even book your flights within 5 minutes.

Combine flight and hotel booking for a slashed price: Online travel agents often give packaged services that include flights, hotels and car hire. If you buy these combined services, then you would certainly enjoy big discounts. In addition to this, you will get extra protection which is given to combination bookings. Your operator may also facilitate you with an ATOL (Air Travel Organisers Licence) protection. This way you can ensure a safe travelling experience.

Advance booking saves big money: Early bird discounts should be leveraged to make way for cheap flights in the UK. Statistics suggest that you can save 26% if you make bookings 53 days ahead of the actual trip. Of course, it varies with the destination and the day of the flight too. Flights on Tuesdays and all after 6 pm flights are generally cheaper than those on Saturdays. Compare different days before you book.

Go for a package holiday: Package holidays are again money savers. As everything is wrapped up in one package, the prices of flights are cheaper than in non-package deals. An added attraction is that most package providers offer ATOL protection. This means if anything goes wrong like if the company goes bust, then also your travel would be protected. You can get a refund anytime and so there is no chance of loss of money.

Chartered flights may be cheap: If you are planning to go for traditional holiday destinations, then chartered flights can prove super cheap. These charter flights are offered by package holiday companies for ease of commuting shorter distances. Check with your travel agent about the availability of charter flights and if they can cut down your budget. If there is a cheaper solution then go ahead with it.

Stopover flights means big savings: If you have time, then choosing a stopover flight can save you £100s. It may not turn out to be the most convenient trip, but if time permits then you can go for flights that stop at single or multiple destinations before reaching the actual destination. This can be tiring if you are travelling with family and kids so be prudent, think about all the aspects and then decide if you want to go direct or choose to stop over.

Travel insurance is a must:To get protection against cancellation of a trip due to sickness or other reasons, get your trip insured. For this, you have to pay for a travel cover which could be an additional investment. However, the investment is worth it as you save chances of failure of any kind. It provides protection against flight cancellations and delay. This way, the flights and other travel expense prove cheaper. It is advisable to get a travel cover even if it costs a little higher.

Say no to hidden extras: You might be paying extra for luggage, check-ins, food, credit/debit card fees and more of such hidden charges. You need to check all this and if possible get rid of everything other than the actual cost of your ticket. So, cross check the deal before booking a flight. There are fair chances that you can save some more pounds.

Slash costs by choosing a different route:You can chart a different route to your destination and save some big bucks. Just split the tickets by charting a different route and get the cheapest flight to the desired destination. Although changing route is a common phenomenon with train tickets, it works for flights as well. For this, compare the price for the different routes and then choose the route that is cheapest yet convenient.

The above mentioned points are not the only ways to save on your travel expenses. Be creative, find with your friends or travel agents on how to get cheaper holiday and cheaper flights.

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