How Can I Get The Cheapest Mobile Deals In The UK?

December 12th, 2019

First of all, let us start with some shocking facts. According to an annual survey at the end of 2015, it was observed that nine out of ten people in the UK pay a much higher bill by being in the wrong mobile contract. Each of them waste nearly £160 a year by choosing wrong mobile deals. It would not be wrong to say that 90% of people in UK are shelling a part of their huge income on wrong mobile contracts. This startling figure points to an urgent need of switching to a better mobile deal.

Two of the main reasons mobile subscribers pay extra money are: they are either in contracts that offer them more data and minutes than they actually use or pay extra charges each month by exceeding the contract limit. These two groups of over spenders occupy a big part of the UK mobile market. This accounts to a collective figure of around 6 billion pounds a year. Find here some of the key points to fetch a cheap mobile deal.

Tips to fetch the cheapest mobile deal in the UK: 

Check the actual monthly usage: This one thing holds true for all the super busy people. It’s of grave important to check your mobile usage. Read that mobile bill thoroughly to check your actual usage of data and calls. By comparing this data with that in your contract, you would be able to switch to a better contract or a better mobile service provider.

Try the sim-only option: If you can’t let go off your handset even after the termination of the contract then switching to a sim-only deal will save you big money. You can find some great sim-only deals in the UK. Depending on your usage and data requirements, you can get a much cheaper sim-only deal from your mobile supplier.

Check sim-only deals for home phone or broadband: You can find some crackling deals with your home phone or broadband provider. They will suffice your mobile usage needs while cutting down your bills by a higher margin. This is the best option for people who work from home and stay home parents! Think about it!

Choose to bargain: Once you compare the benefits and losses in your current contract, its best to haggle with your mobile service provider. They can offer you a better deal in the next contract just to keep you from moving to another supplier. So, call up, haggle and save! It’s as simple as that.

Go for a ‘no contract’ sellers: You can choose a supplier who does not offer any contracts. Just buy that favourite mobile and go for a sim-only deal. No need to stick to yearly contracts when you can get decent mobiles at the cheapest rates. This is a much more flexible and affordable option.

Having said this, if you have no time to compare and contrast the deals offered by various mobile suppliers then can be a big help. We will give you straight comparison of your contract and possible savings on switching.

We can sort out the trouble you face for finding the cheapest mobile deal for you. For further details, phone us on 0203 4757 476 or alternatively fill our contact us form and we will reach out to you at the earliest.


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