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Holiday Breakdown Cover – Check The Details!

November 22nd, 2019

The excitement of a holiday can actually get punctured if you have to face a broken car or a flat tyre. It will lead to shelling a lot of money for repair. Your holiday budget may inflate if your vehicle gives you big problems while on the way. All this when you are not in your country may turn your dream holiday into a nightmare. To avoid such a distressing experience one should buy holiday breakdown cover.

Tips to choose the best holiday breakdown cover:

Country check!

If you are planning a trip to Europe, then first check with your insurer. Most UK breakdown covers do not include Europe. You need a separate European breakdown cover for insuring your vehicle while travelling in the European countries. It covers more than 40 countries in Europe. To avoid missing out on the cover in the country you plan to travel, you must check it in the list of countries supported for the breakdown cover. If it’s not included then you need to consult your insurer and find a way out.

Cover for car, bike or van?

Your holiday breakdown cover is not just valid for cars. If you are going by bike or caravans then they can be completely covered too. There are separate covers – motorbike breakdown cover and van breakdown cover. Talk to your insurer and get the appropriate cover for your vehicle.

Separate covers for single or multiple trips!

If you are planning only one holiday then it is advisable that you choose a single trip breakdown cover. It would cover your vehicle for a pre-defined period. For a frequent traveller, an annual breakdown cover is more suitable. The premiums of the annual cover may be higher, but that’s the price you pay for safe and hassle free travel.

Check the level of cover

There are different levels of breakdown cover. Depending on them, you will get facilitated during any breakdown situations.

For countries in the European subcontinent, the European breakdown cover gives many benefits. The cover provides you a 24 hour call support in the event of the vehicle breakdown. Roadside assistance would be provided to repair the car or for taking it to a nearby garage for specialised repair service.

If you have opted for a comprehensive policy, then you can get all repair services. Also, you will be facilitated with a new driver in case your driver falls ill or is unable to drive the car.

You can also choose a premium package which helps in getting you an emergency accommodation if the need arises. This is for times when you need to wait longer for the car to get repaired. You can also get alternative transport to continue the journey or return to the UK. This policy would be higher on premiums, but can certainly give you total peace of mind.

Choose facility above the price!

You can opt for the best cover if you want the best facilities. If you can afford a comprehensive cover then there is no need to compromise on the service. Buy a cover that gives you total comfort.

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