High Risk Life Insurance

December 11th, 2019

With all types of insurance, the policy provider quotes a premium which is based on the level of risk that they will have to do a payout, so if the risk is high then so is the premium.


To determine the level of risk the life insurance company is taking on, they ask a series of questions, do a medical history check and maybe even request you to do a medical test. As you may have assumed, the older you are the higher the risk that you might pass away during the term of the policy and hence the premium is likely to be higher too.


Depending on the state of your health, you could be categorised into a high risk life insurance category- such as if you suffered from cancer or some other serious condition. In some cases, the insurer might even exclude that condition from the insurance policy so if you pass away for that particular illness then no pay-out will be made due to the terms of the insurance policy. Moreover, if you have a not as serious medical condition, such as hypertension, then the condition will be included in the policy but the premiums would reflect the enhanced insurance risk.


If you are a non-smoker, who never drinks and loves the gym, then chances are you are already being offered cheap life insurance quotes as the risk of you passing away is a lot less then someone who is an overweight excessive smoker who drinks excessively too.

To add, if you only smoke e-cigarettes then you will still be classified as a smoker by the insurance companies, due to the lack of objective long term evidence. Also, e-cigarettes contain nicotine so during any medical tests the insurance company will not be able to deduce if you do or if you don’t still smoke cigarettes and hence to cover their risk, they will quote based on the presumption that you are a smoker.

However, to cut costs, life style choices is a factor you can alter, perhaps you can eat more healthy and lose excessive weight or even stop all nicotine products – although you will have to wait 12 months before the insurance company will class you as a non-smoker.

Dangerous occupation and hobbies

Whilst your home postcode and occupation might not seem like important factors, statistics suggest that some postcode and jobs are more risky than others. This is true for individuals who are members of the army, police officers, fire fighters and other dangerous jobs.

Moreover, your hobby is also taken into account when the insurer is deducing the level of risk, as you can understand someone who does sky diving is much more of a higher risk then someone who enjoys playing chess as hobby.

Be truthful in the application

Whilst pretending or withholding information on the negative conditions of your health will be cheaper on your premium, the cover will not pay out if the initial application is thought to be filled out fraudulently.

So if you have a pre-existing condition which you’re receiving treatment for or if you are a smoker and thinking of not declaring this, then think again. It is true this will increase your premium but at least your cover is valid and the payout will actually happen should the unfortunate occur.

T & C’s

Once you have decided which life insurance policy you want, be sure to understand the ins and outs of your policy – you should pay particular interest to the exclusions of your policy as these are the reasons in which the policy will not make a pay-out should you pass away.

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