Green Energy Plan

December 17th, 2019
Green Energy Plan

Green energy Plan

Green energy is energy that can be removed, produced, and /or expended without substantially damaging the environment. Green energy tariffs are the best option if you want be ecologically friendly.

Most gas and electricity suppliers from the UK offer “green energy tariffs”, however green tariff guidelines vary widely from supplier to supplier.

You can compare green energy price plans at

Green energy tariffs

A”GREEN” energy tariff is basically a plan that allows people to make a huge positive difference to the atmosphere. The ‘green’ word is use to explain a range of energy plans / tariffs and it’s very difficult to understand which tariff is actually 100% green.

Most of all UK energy suppliers produce their electricity from renewable sources. You can get further explanation on each supplier and green energy on their websites by looking at their fuel mix charts.

We have designed a chart for you to explain which supplier offers 100% green energy deals.

Supplier nameTariff nameRenewable (0% to 100%)*
British gasSustainable Energy100%
EcotricityGreen Electricity100%
Good EnergyGood Energy100%
Green energy ukTap0%
Green energy ukStill0%
Green energy ukSparkling100%
OVO energyGreen Energy Plan100%
OVO energyNew Energy Plan15%
LoCO2 energyPocket+100%
LoCO2 energyPocket Fixed100%
LoCO2 energyPocket20%
LoCO2 energyPlanet Fixed100%
LoCO2 energyPlanet100%
Woodland trust energyNew Energy plan15%
Woodland trust energyGreen Energy Plan100%

*The overall fuel mix percentage from renewable energy source.

The big 6 suppliers and GREEN energy choices

Who are the “big 6”? – British Gas, EDF, Eon, SSE, Scottish Power & Npower.

Apart from British gas, the other big suppliers don’t provide green energy tariffs to the UK energy consumer under the Green Energy Certification Scheme (also known as “GECS”).

Comparing and Switching to a Green energy tariff

As you already know, comparing gas and electricity prices can be very difficult and often hard to understand. At you can find green energy tariffs just like normal energy tariffs by simply looking at the “

Environmentally Friendly”

Tab in our results table.

We have listed a few green suppliers on the table above to explain green tariffs and plans offered by them. Please note, the Green deal is often not the cheapest energy plan but if you are looking to help the environment than that is the best option for you. At we will help you find the cheapest green deal so you can decide which one is the best option for you.

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