Government schemes that gets you cheaper winter bills

November 22nd, 2019

Energy bills are the biggest challenge during winter season especially when you are earning a low income. You get bogged down by the idea of living in a cold home but still can’t afford to pay huge energy bills. However, you can still find some relief through government’s grants and schemes that help people keep warm homes even in a limited salary. Today, let us check out details of some of the government plans and supplier support schemes that help you get the cheapest energy bills.

Normally, referred to as the social tariffs, some of the schemes include Warm Home Discount, Winter Fuel Payment and Cold Weather Payment. They help senior citizens and low income earners cover their energy costs and stay warm during the cold season.

Government schemes that offer cheaper winter bills are as follows:

Winter Fuel Payment:

This plan is for the elderly that is those above 60 years of age. Anyone who is born before 5 August 1953 can get a heating allowance between £100 and £300 to keep their homes warm during the cold season. They need to match the qualification for Winter Fuel Payment and enjoy the benefits. There are many factors affecting the eligibility of the scheme and details can be checked from As this government plan helps you reduce home energy bills by £100 to £300, you can actually get the cheapest energy bills in the winter.

Cold Weather Payment:

This applies to people living in areas where the temperature goes below zero degrees for seven consecutive days. They are paid £25 for each week that records temperatures below zero degrees. It is applicable for the time period between 1 November and 31 March and is made available to those households that qualify for it. This is another way to reduce energy bills during winter season but is solely dependent on the weather and the area you live in.

Save on winter bills through energy efficiency grants:

UK households can get lot of help to save on energy bills through government grants that provide various solutions like home insulation, boiler replacements, energy saving home appliances and more. These grants can lower energy bills but you need to qualify for them.

You can also leverage the offers by big energy suppliers like free new boilers, insulation facilities and more. Like a boiler replacement costs £2,300 or more so, you can save a lot of money by getting a free boiler. New boiler would save you anywhere between £100 and £320 annually. Such small yet significant measures should be searched out to get cheap energy bills.

Save on energy bills by choosing the cheapest energy supplier:

Well, this is not unknown to many but most of us stick to the same supplier for years. When you fail to compare energy suppliers and switch, you end up losing the new customer discount plus face the threat of being put on the most expensive Standard Variable Tariff. Instead, you should shop around and find the cheapest energy supplier in your area. If you are too fond of the services of your current energy supplier then make sure you at least switch to the cheapest energy tariff offered by them.

Unless you develop a habit of switching energy suppliers, you will end up paying huge energy bills. This is not an intelligent approach towards energy savings and leaves a big hole in your pocket. The biggest challenge is to compare energy suppliers and if that stops you from making an energy swap then allow FreePriceCompare to help you out.

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