The Government Are To Blame For High Energy Bills Claim Npower Boss

October 11th, 2019

Some Conservative MPs believe the high energy bills that the UK public are being forced to pay could become an election disaster, leaving the chances of the Conservatives getting into power for a second term very slim. It is not just some politicians who believe this, political experts do not believe the Conservatives will get in power again due to the high cost of living, and now it seems npower chief executive Paul Massara could have made certain the next government is a Labour One.

Chief Executive Paul Massara, has blamed the government for the high energy bills and has claimed the government could reduce energy bills by £90 a year, but only if they wanted to.

The government announced in December that tariffs loaded on to bills for green subsidies would be reduced but Paul Massara believes the government could do a lot more.

Mr Massara has claimed that his company it not making any hidden profit and believes energy prices in the UK were among the lowest in Europe, not something that the majority of consumers would agree on.

Labour leader Ed Miliband wants to freeze bills if he becomes Prime Minister, but the Chief Executive of npower believes this will put firms off investing in the UK.

The Conservative government have already claimed that a freeze on energy bills would not work and have said this is just another Labour promise that will be broken, broken promise or not, the next general election could be all about the cost of living.

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