Google Trip App – Your ‘Know it All’ Travel Companion

November 26th, 2019

Travelling has become lot more easy now with dozens of apps available on your smartphone. You can plan your entire trip, check the must visit destinations, book flights & hotels and schedule everything in advance. This way travel apps are one of the best companions and guides for one and all.

The new champ on the block is the Google Trip, a comprehensive travel app that ‘google’ tourist destinations, restaurants, day plans, things to do and layout an itinerary. So, you have an all in one app that gives you everything to make the trip complete. It will also help you reach your destination through the Google’s map service.

Available even while you are offline!

The most important part is that it is accessible even while you are offline. You just have to hit the download button under each trip and all the details would be saved on your phone. Based on the real life experience of its travellers, the app displays the most effective and enjoyable day plans and popular daily itineraries. You can choose the plan you like the most!

Customise your day plan!

The app suggests the best day plan for your destination. However, the Google trip would design a plan around places you intend to visit. So, if you do not have an idea about what to visit in a certain destination then just touch the ‘+’ button in your day plan and it will display the must visit attractions of that place.


You can also suggest the time span from morning, evening to an entire day and tap on the destination. The app will fill the time slot with activities and attractions. For details about nearby sights, click the ‘magic wand’ button. This will also give a new itinerary with updated attractions. So, changing your plan is as easy as a turning a ‘magic wand’.

Comprehensive email information!

With Google Trips, you no longer need to track mails for reservation of tickets, flights, cars and restaurants. All this info would be gathered from mails and presented in an easy to understand manner for an individual trip. So, you no longer need to go through several emails as they would be easily available in the reservation tile even while you are offline.


With these entire mind blowing features set, any new or avid traveller can organise a trip without any hassle. Google as usual revolutionizes things to give the best end user experience and Google Trip app is another example of it. So, all iOS and Android users can just download it and start planning their next trip. Have a happy trip!

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