Getting the finest Car insurance deal

December 11th, 2019

There are various things that a motorist can do to obtain the best possible car insurance deal.

Value of the Car

The value of your car is a strong factor in deciding the type of insurance you need. Typically, cars valued under £1000 will find the third party, fire and theft category to be the best option. This type of insurance covers you from claims made by another motorist and you can make a claim if your car is stolen or burnt in a fire.

Moreover, motorist with classic or high performance cars may be better off considering a specialist type of insurance which has added benefits such as original parts cover. Remember, a classic car could go up in value but all the nuts and bolts have to be of the original.

Your age

Young drivers often find it difficult to get cheap insurance deals. However, they can look at our guide, “How young drivers can get cheap car insurance deals” to see the necessary steps to get the best possible car insurance quote.

Typically age forms a part of the insurers risk calculation as motorists under the age of 25 have a short driving history and they are statistically more likely to be involved in an incident. However, older drivers also face age as an issue as they are more likely to make a claim and the value of this claim is usually a lot higher than young drivers. In this instance, the motorist should get comprehensive insurance as this covers the damage relating to both counter parties.

Additional Drivers

Typically from an insurers point of view, additional drivers means additional risk and hence car insurance premium will increase. However, you can avoid adding additional drivers to your policy if the additional drivers will be using the car infrequently. In this instance the best thing to do is get temporary cover for when the additional drivers will be using the vehicle.

It is important to note that, if the additional drivers are experienced and the value of the car exceeds £5000 then getting comprehensive car insurance is highly recommended.

No Claims Discount

Experienced drivers with a certain number of no claims bonus will find that they can get a very good car insurance deal as insurers consider them to be less risky to insure. However, you can typically only obtain no claims bonus if you are the named driver of the vehicle. Although insurer’s such as Tesco and Direct line have expanded their offer by giving additional drivers a history of no claims.

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