Get A Car Insurance Discount With A Dash-Cam

November 22nd, 2019

By adding a camera to your dashboard you could be saving an average of £54 per year. is offering motorists a 12.5% discount if they install a Nextbase in Car camera on their dash board. The camera costs £49 with the most advanced model costing £150 – those with an alternative camera can also get a discount but that will be only 10% off the premium.

This discount is available to all customers regardless of history or age but they must purchase a proper camera- mobile phones will not be acceptable as the footage is not reliable enough. In the event of an accident, claimants will be required to send video evidence to swiftcover and hence the camera must always be on when driving. Typically dash-cams are wired into the car and so automatically function when the vehicle has been turned on. In other instances, you can plug the camera into a lighter socket for power. Moreover dash cams have a looping memory, so when the storage limit has been hit, it deletes the oldest content first.

As a side note, in some countries, such as Russia, the dash-cam is very popular due to the aggressiveness of the highway patrol and dangerous icy roads. This trend also now appears to have hit the UK thanks to scams such as “crash for cash”. Aviva, which insures 10% of all UK drivers, says the number of fraud crashes has increase by 51% in the last year and there were over 2,200 fraudulent injury claims. To add, dashboard camera sales have increased by 320% year on year.

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