Gas Meter Error Will Require Customers To Be Refunded By Energy Firms

November 22nd, 2019

It has come to light that some households have been over paying by nearly 300% for their gas consumption after at least E.On confirmed they have been calculating in error.

The mistake is estimated to affect thousands of people due to a mix up in measurements between the older imperial meters and the new metric ones.

E.On has confirmed that it has over charged 350 of its customers, with one loyal customer over paying for 15 years. E.on will be refunding its customers and paying “interest and appropriate compensation”.

Imperial meters measure gas in hundreds of cubic feet and it is these customers which need to be compensated as the usage was calculated in cubic meters.

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In contrast, E.On also has 250 customers which should have paid 65% more but these customers will not be required to pay the difference.

This issue has been put down to human error and Ofgem has asked all suppliers to look into the issue for all their customers.

The trade body Energy UK states that “Any customer affected will be contacted shortly by their supplier and where there has been overcharging, a refund will be issued as quickly as possible”.

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