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December 13th, 2019

A lot of people ask, what is the best way of looking after your holiday money? In the old days it was just a case of taking money with you but over the years more new products have been available which includes traveler cheques and credit cards. Let’s have a look at the options that are available.


When going on holiday it is obvious that you want to carry some spending money with you so you have it at hand, but it is not a great idea to carry all of your spending money in case you lose it or something terrible happens.

Some people make a huge mistake of waiting until the last minute to get their travel money which includes exchanging their money at the airport which is a huge error. If you exchange your money at the airport you will get a very bad deal and that is why everyone in the travel industry tell people to stay away from airport travel exchange shops.

To get a great deal on your holiday you should shop online with sites that include where you can get a great deal.

Debit cards

Debit cards are another way of having money with you on holiday, however, banks do charge you a fee each time you take money out of the bank and you will not get the best deal on your travel money.

Credit card

You can use your credit card on holiday but again this is going to cost you extra money, making your holiday purchases more expensive.

Currency cards

There is a new product on the market which is called Currency Cards, these are cards that you pay to top up and you also pay for a registration fee. You can use them like normal debit and credit cards where you can withdraw money and pay for items in shops.

Traveller’s cheques

Travellers cheques, still the safest way to carry your holiday money with you, if anything happens, if you lose them then you can just make a phone call and get them replaced.

Make sure you keep your money safe while on holiday and avoid carrying all of your holiday money with you at any one time.

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