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December 13th, 2019

Brits love vacations but many are hardly insured against the challenges of their travels. Statistically, one out of every four brits does not bother to take travel insurance. The result is overpaying for things like cancellations, accidents and loss of luggage. Investing in annual travel insurance costs just around £13, which is affordable given the risk of not having travel insurance.

It’s totally unintelligent to take risks that can be easily avoided through an effective travel insurance policy. With a travel cover, you can be financially ready for unexpected events during the trip. You will be paid out for the loss of belongings, legitimate medical care and even flight delays. Still, if it sounds expensive then find below some of the tips to save money on travel insurance cover.

Tips to make savings on a travel insurance cover:

Cover the trip at the earliest: Some of us assume that as the trip is booked for 6 months from now, so we don’t need a cover till the last minute. This can be a big risk. If for any reason, you need to cancel the trip, then the insurance cover will get you paid out for flight tickets, hotel bookings and transportation charges. Isn’t it a big relief? So, don’t keep it pending till the last minute. Just get your trip insured as oHow soon as you book it.

Pick and choose the right policy: It’s not just about getting travel insurance; it’s more about choosing the right one. An insurance that covers all the necessities of your trip should be your first choice. As every policy varies greatly, you should discuss with your insurance provider or compare policies online before selecting the one which give you the most bangs per your buck. Starting from the destination of the trip to the kind of activities, everything should be considered before buying the best yet cheapest travel insurance cover.

Annual cover is cheaper: If you plan to go on trips for more than two times a year then its best to take annual travel insurance cover. Buying separate travel insurance for each trip would prove more expensive than the annual travel insurance cover. Premiums of the annual cover may seem high, but would be affordable when you compare the total cost of both the trips.

Get EHIC for European trips: If you are travelling in any of the countries of Europe, then its best to get an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). The card makes you eligible to get treatment in Europe’s state run hospitals at the same cost as it is given to the locals. It is valid for all the hospitals and doctors that are signed with the EHIC scheme. The card will save a big chunk of your medical costs.

Check for an existing cover: Some of the banks offer travel insurance to their account holders. It is a part of their account and the banks charge a little extra as travel insurance charges. If your bank also has this policy then check the terms and conditions to see if the cover is enough for your trip. This kind of a scheme will save you some good money.

Buy a separate policy if older people on trip: A family insurance or group insurance may cost  you higher if you have an older person with or without pre-existing medical condition on board. Insurance for them would stump up premiums. So, it’s better to buy a separate policy for the elderly. This will be a big saving on the premiums.

Group cover cheaper than individual cover: A policy that is inclusive of a partner or family may have lower premiums than what you pay for separate policies. Again separate policies would save you big money if any of the traveller is above 65 or anyone has a pre-existing medical condition. So, compare and check what works best for you – a family policy or an individual policy.

Winter sports or adventure cover for the sporty souls: Your normal travel insurance may not cover the risk associated with winter sports. For all you adventure enthusiasts, just buy a specialised cover for your sporty and adrenaline raising trips. These covers give you maximum pay outs if you suffer an injury or accident during the adventure trips. It also provides money for the damage of your sports equipment. Thus, it is much cheaper than your standard insurance cover.

Compare and save: Buying insurance from a travel agent can cost you 12 times more money than you pay online. Compare travel insurance providers and choose the cheapest yet efficient travel policy for yourself. would suggest the cheapest policy for your particular travel needs.

If you have trouble comparing all the travel insurance covers then could be the best help. We will fetch the best travel insurance cover as per the requirements of your trip.

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