October 10th, 2019

From the 16th April, EE started handing out free 2,600mAh power bars to all of its subscribers. The offer is open to contract as well as PAYG customers, who have been with the network for at least 3 months.

The EE power bar has a 2,600mAh battery cell, which should be sufficient to charge at least two phones. Customers simply need to text the word “POWER” to 365 and they will receive the promotional code which will be required when they go to collect the EE power bar from the EE store.

Once the EE power has been used up, customers can simply return to the store and they will be given a new fully charged EE power bar in exchange or they can recharge the device at home. Nonetheless, before deciding to take the offer it may be worth quickly checking the terms and conditions of the offer as there is a potential £20 charge for EE power bars that are lost.

In other news, EE now offers a TV service, has a £1 film rental option via the EE Film Club and they have launched a contactless mobile payment option called Cash on Tap.



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