Flow Creates A Boiler That Produces Electricity

November 22nd, 2019

The Flow Group recently showcased its Flow boiler, which could produce £500 worth of electricity per annum which equates to approximately 40% of household energy needs.

How Flow’s boilers work?

The Flow boiler looks like any other boiler but as it generates electricity there is one critical difference.  Electricity is usually made by a turbine being spun. The spinning of the turbine is normally caused by steam. In the Flow boiler the vapour (generated from the heating of the water) rises up and turns the turbine.

The energy produced cannot be stored and is only produced when the boiler is on.

At present the Flow boiler is really only suitable for homes with large consumption, and the company is working on smaller version which could be accessible to a wider market.

How to get a Flow boiler?

Replacing and installing a boiler is an expensive task, so Flow Group offer two options to would be buyers. The first option is buy it outright, and the 2nd option is to do what they call “pays for itself”. This is an instalment arrangement where the boiler is paid for over a 5 year term. Subscribers to this arrangement are required to switch their energy tariffs to the Flow Group’s energy retailer, Flow Energy. They must also sign-up to Flow Energy’s Feed-In Tariff.

Flow Energy will then cut household’s energy bills by the amount of money generated by the boiler via the Feed-in Tariff across a five year period. Households retain the option to switch to alternative providers but will stop receiving rebates from Flow Energy.

The scope of Flow Group’s new energy efficient boilers.

Flow Group’s boiler is a result of 10 years of research and development and now 20,000 households will be able to take advantage of the technology behind Flow Energy’s new boiler. The company hopes in years to come 500,000 homes will have a Flow boiler producing as much energy as a power station.

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