Flight Delay Spoiled Your Travel Plans? – Check The Solution

December 12th, 2019

Want compensation for flight delay? – Check how to go about it

There have been an increasing number of flight delays which are the biggest hiccups in a holiday. Waiting at the airport for hours may lead to missing the connecting flights and can spoil your travel plans and in due course results to spoiling the entire trip. To get over this situation, there are certain rules that can actually get you compensation for the flight delay. The rules

The rule states the following:

“If you face a delay of three hours or more or face the issue of flight cancellation, then under EU rule 261/2004 you are entitled for a compensation that range between £100 and £510.”

The next question that may crop up in your mind is what would be the cost of this claim. Well, the best part is that you can claim for free. We have an online tool that will start your claim and once the money is received we would be transferring it to you. With the tool you can stop the airline from squirming out of paying the compensation. And all this would cost you nothing. Isn’t it great?

The rule came into existence in October 2012 which made sure that under certain circumstances the passengers must get compensation for delays in flights. Since then we have helped 290,071 people submit the flight delay claims successfully. All you have to do is fill in the information in our tool and submit your claim. Check our tool here!

Top reasons to claim compensation:

Flight delay: If your flight gets delayed by more than 3 hours, then you can claim for your money. The customer can claim for the money arranged to catch another flight and other travel losses as well.

Denied boarding: There have been cases when airlines have overbooked the flight and have denied passengers to board the flight due to unavailability of seats. If the denial is against your will and if you have already paid for the seat then you can make a claim.

Flight cancellation: If the flight you are supposed to travel in gets cancelled due to any reason, then you are entitled to a compensation claim. It becomes the duty of the airline to arrange for a replacement flight to facilitate the passenger’s journey.

Flight Delay Compensation Rules

If it’s an EU regulated flight only!

You can claim compensation for flights that started from the UK only. Airports of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland are also considered as EU airports and so, the rule is valid if you fly from any of these airports too. If it has delayed in some other country then you need to complain to the airline regulator of that country.

Claim back till 2010!

It is said that you can get compensation for delays that stretch back till 2010. Airlines will refuse your claim if you have not asked for compensation and the time gap is longer than six years. So, now that we are in 2016, you can make a claim for any EU flight delay that occurred anytime between 2010 and 2016.

Claim only if the airline is at fault

You are entitled to compensation only if it was the fault of the airline. If the airline proves that it was not its fault and was actually that of the passenger then you will not get any compensation. There are numerous scenarios explained in European regulators. If your case falls in any of those scenarios then you can claim for compensation. Bad weather or unrest in a country can make a big delay in flight and you cannot ask for repayment in such cases. So, check the European regulatory guidelines and see if you are eligible to claim.

Minimum 3+ hours of delay

You can claim for a minimum delay of three hours or more. If you have been delayed for a time less than 3 hours, then you cannot ask for compensation. If the delay is about 2 hours 55 min, then you are not eligible to claim. The 3 hour rule is for compensation and may not get your refund of the flight ticket. For details on this, check with your travel agent.

To sum up, you can easily claim all the losses caused due to the fault of the airline. If it’s a delay due to your personal reasons and no matter how strongly you put the point the claim would be a no-go.

Now that you know these rules, you can ask for refund or compensation if the EU flight makes you wait for more than 3 hours. Be specific as the airlines can prove that the delay or cancellation was caused due to inevitable situations. In such cases, you need to have strong claim and prove yourself right. FreePriceCompare.com can do that for you without any fees.

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