Fine of £260,000 snapped on energy company E for misleading customers

October 10th, 2019

In a strict move to stop UK energy suppliers from making blunders, Ofgem snapped a huge fine of £260,000 on the small energy company E. It announced the fine on the grounds of unethical behaviour by the gas and electricity supplier. The energy regulator stated that representatives of the UK energy provider E were misleading the customers by claiming to be an independent price comparison service provider.

The energy regulator also revealed that the representatives of E used a misleading approach on their door-to-door campaign and were hiding their identity about being the representatives of E. Also, UK energy supplier E was blamed to be so negligent that it did not conduct criminal records checks. This was certainly unacceptable especially when E continued this practice from 2014 to 2017 while still being aware of the entire scenario.

The company accepted its mistakes and is ready to pay £260,000 as a fine. Martin Crouch, senior partner of Ofgem stated that “E did not put security and transparency first when it came to face-to-face sales, and risked the trust and well-being of potential customers. This payment sends an important reminder to all suppliers that there’s no room for misleading behaviour when it comes to selling energy.”

Ofgem officials also revealed that the smaller fine is due to the fact that E is a small energy supplier and did not make its customers suffer from any kind of financial losses through the wrong and misleading marketing campaign. Ofgem declared that the money received as fine would be submitted in its Voluntary Redress Fund and will be eventually passed on to the vulnerable energy customers.

The event clearly suggests that this kind of behaviour is not tolerable and Ofgem’s decision would teach a lesson to all gas and electricity suppliers who choose unethical forms of marketing campaigns.

Shay Ramani, founder of energy price comparison site FreePriceCompare shared his views by saying, “Imposing a fine on energy companies that practise unethical forms of marketing is a good move by Ofgem. However, the customers should be extra cautious and weigh all UK energy suppliers with precision to avoid falling prey to such incidents. Instead of relying on false claims made by energy suppliers, customers should shop around and switch energy suppliers to save on energy bills. It is the most reliable method of getting cheap energy bills.”

A concluding note to customers would be to be aware of wrong marketing campaigns as you would be on the losing end. If you want cheap energy bills then check for the cheapest energy quotes online and make a switch to cheapest gas and electricity provider.

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