Finally, SSE Joins The Fellow Big Six Suppliers by Raising Electricity Tariff By 14.9%

December 13th, 2019

The Big Six suppliers have been in the news lately with almost all of them raising energy prices by a big margin. The latest to join the suppliers who have announced price rises is SSE, which declared a price hike of 14.9% in its standard electricity tariffs. Effective from April 28, the price hike would up the duel fuel energy bills by 6.9%. Mathematically, it is very clear that the SSE dual fuel customers would have to pay £73 extra on an annual basis.

SSE’s price rise decision would affect 2.8 million customers and may compel them to switch to a cheaper deal from the same supplier or switch to another supplier. The company blamed the price rise on the government’s schemes to reduce carbon emission and programmes launched to support the ageing infrastructure of Britain’s energy sector. In order to save the vulnerable customers from the pressure of the price rise, the company has declared a £5m fund, which is quite a relief.

With this, SSE has joined Npower, E.ON, Scottish Power and EDF, which announced an increase in their standard tariffs in the past few days.

Will Morris, SSE managing director for retail, expressed the company’s side of the story of energy price hikes by saying that “The price change reflects the increasing cost of supplying electricity, and specifically higher costs associated with delivering vital government programmes designed to upgrade Britain’s ageing energy infrastructure and help the country move towards a low carbon future.”

“These costs are levied predominantly against electricity customers. SSE has sought to protect customers as much as possible and was the first major supplier to commit to holding prices until at least April 2017; it has resisted pressure on gas prices, and continues to bear down on its own controllable costs in order to minimize the impact of increasing costs on customers.”, he added.

Looking at the matter from a broader perspective, it’s only British Gas which has not announced energy price hikes and promises to hold it till August. This makes British Gas the only Big Six supplier that shows consideration towards customers and opens doors for more customer retention. With this step, British Gas would be at clear benefit as it wins the customer’s trust plus proves to be a more competent energy supplier when compared to its Big Six contemporaries. See British Gas latest tariff

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