Family Holidays In UK – How To Make Them Stress Free?

December 12th, 2019

Family holidays are the best time to connect, bond and create happy memories. Away from the hectic schedules, work pressures, schools and routine life, those few days off prove rejuvenating and set you off to start another time for demanding challenges. These holidays prove to be the best schools for children as kids learn a lot of effective ways of life on these trips. Amidst a lot of enjoyment, the only thing that makes eye balls rolling is the price of the flights, hotels and packages. Travelling with family can lead to huge expenses but there are many tried and tested formulas to make a perfect family holiday. Find them here!

Things to consider for a fun, family holiday:

The destination: For a family holiday, the choice of destination is the most important thing. It should be a neutral place that is suitable for each member of the family. If you have young children or elderly people in the family, then it’s better to avoid faraway places. Fun activities that increase the bonding of the family should be considered. Beaches, amusement parks and camping are some of the most enjoyable activities. So, choose a destination that offers a room for all these activities.

Check the time: For people with kids, there is no other choice but to go on school holidays. This would be expensive and so, early bookings will help a lot. Do not wait long and start researching for the holiday spots and kid activities places. Book early to get the early bird discounts. Check online sites and you will easily save around 10% of the charges. Compare packages online and find the best yet cheapest deal for family holidays.

Advance booking for kids activities: You might think that this tip is of no use at all. How can one decide to book activities without reaching to the holiday destination? Well, everything is possible in the online world and you can certainly book the kid’s activities without reaching there. Sit with your child, check the website and the list of activities. Ask your kid what he would be interested in and then book. This advance booking saves a good deal of money.

Discard the habit of last minute booking: Last minute bookings to a peak holiday destination would be a big mistake. You would be unnecessarily shelling out money. Make sure you have booked the packages much in advance. For this, plan a trip much at least 2 months before the actual date. This will fetch you some really good discounts and you will get the best facilities while travelling with your family.

These tips would certainly save your pocket. However, you can make the holiday enjoyable and stress free by doing many other things.

How to make family holidays stress free?

Indulge in group activities: Plan a holiday that requires the entire family to participate in activities like games, beach hangouts, camping, hiking or adventure trips. Statistics suggest that kids learn the most during travels. Go out of the box. Search places which can give children some space to explore. Travel in the country side where children can observe the life style of the native people and explore local delicacies. Create a delicate balance such that the camp becomes educative and yet enjoyable.

Plan home exchange: You can exchange your home with a foreign person. This will cost you nothing and get you an incredible experience. A readily available, fully furnished home at a place with a different lifestyle would be fun. It would be cost effective as both the parties mutually agree to use each other’s house for a certain period and do not pay anything for it. It is exchanged and so no charges are paid. You can register with home swap clubs, check photos of other registered houses online and decide mutually with the other party. This is very interesting for the kids and saves you some quick bucks.

Keep medicines handy: Travelling with family needs extra caution. Your kids may not react well to the change in place or you might take time to adjust to a different weather. For this reason, you should keep a first aid kit and medicines handy. Also, visit the General Practitioner two to three days ahead of the trip so that you get an expert advice on the need and type of common diseases of the new place as well as the medicines required.

Chart out elaborate travel plans: You should be clear about the places to see and things to explore. For this, you need some thorough research with maps, travel blogs and word of mouth. Gain as much local information as you can. Figure out the facilities and the areas of concern. Make things clear in the mind before heading for the trip.

Take help from smart gadgets: Cameras, tablets and smartphones are essential to record memorable moments of the trip. Also, if you give a camera to the kid, he would learn to explore things quickly. GPS would help you find the new destinations without any delay. Your kids can research about the new place on their smartphone or tablet. This way, the smart gadgets become a necessity of the trip. So, make sure you keep the gadgets handy.

Travel insurance is a must: Getting your trip insured is the first step to a peace of mind. By doing so, if you cancel the trip or lose out on a flight or face any flight delays or any misfortune on the trip then you will be paid out for it. Buy an insurance as soon as you make the bookings. Do not delay else it may prove to be an expensive affair. Family insurance will save some amount, but if you have an elderly person or patient going with you then it’s advisable to take separate insurance for them.

How to pack for a family holiday?

Packing for a family holiday can be a daunting task. Make sure the entire family participates in it. Your young kid can also pick a few things in his bag. It will be a learning experience for him. Pack his rucksack light so it’s easy to carry.

Shoes, boots and more – Don’t forget to pack those additional pairs of shoes, hiking boots, swimsuits etc. Extra T-shirts, camper shorts and pants should be packed for emergencies too. Don’t forget to take one or two party wear to enjoy local festivities.

The medications – Medicines and mobiles should be kept handy. Your kids may need it any time. Anti-allergens, antibiotics and routine medicines should be packed to deal with any emergencies.

Food tales – Keep some snacks for munching. Make sure you carry some of your kid’s favourite snacks to handle them when they show signs of irritation. If they are not happy with the local food, then carry some quick to cook stuff for them.

Essentials – Carry a foldable laundry basket to keep the used clothes separate from the fresh clothes. You can also use dryers to keep clothes fresh in the absence of any laundry service. ?

Tick the tickets – Last minute checks should include all your tickets, EHIC card, passports, visas and booking proofs. Make sure you don’t miss out any of these.

Luggage stories – Make sure you weigh the bags before flying. Extra weight is very expensive and can be easily avoided by checking the total weight of the luggage. Padlocks and luggage straps would be pricey at the airport so it’s better to buy them beforehand.

Carry the currency – Well, if you exchange currency at the airport then it would cost you a hefty amount. Better manage it before the trip. Shop around different banks for the best deal on money exchange.
To sum up, the above information broadly covers everything you need for a happy family holiday. Still, you can personalise your travel checklist and grab everything that is essential.

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