Eye opening answers to bust solar panel myths

December 11th, 2019

Even though the world is moving towards renewable sources of energy, there are some common myths surrounding solar energy panels. Even though solar energy is best for domestic usage and have low carbon footprint, some people fear about the cost of installation and other expenses. Due to these wrong beliefs, many UK households give second thoughts to this very natural source of energy.

Find here, the answers to common myths surrounding solar energy:

Solar panels are costly: Although, solar panels have been expensive in the past, they have become cheaper now. The cost of installation is also affordable and as they are an efficient source of energy, the energy bill and overall expenses also gets minimised with the use of solar panels.

In addition, schemes like the Feed-in tariff and ‘rent a roof’ makes installation and other charges quite affordable. This way, the total cost would reduce to a bare minimum.

Solar panels need the sun which is difficult for the UK climate: Normally, we feel that as the UK sunshine is not strong, our investment in solar panels would go in vain. This is not the case, as already charged solar panels would radiate energy even in cloudy weather conditions. As most of us get solar panels as a supplementary system to the grid system, we can easily make up for the times when it’s cloudy. So, the UK climate is never a hindrance for using solar energy.

Rent a roof scheme is for all: Well, it is always advisable to use your own panels than rent a roof scheme. This is because in case you are not eligible for the ‘rent a roof’ scheme then you do not lose out on energy supplies.

Solar energy does not allow switching: If you are given the benefit of a ‘feed in tariff’ then you are free to switch your energy supplier. It is not necessary to stick to your supplier when you get better plans from another supplier. So, make your mind free of the thought that if you use solar energy then switching would become difficult.

Solar power is still in its baby stages: Well, as a matter of fact, solar energy has been used since a century. Although, it was not viable earlier, with the technical advances in the modern day things have improved now and one can use it without any issues.

The above mentioned myths about solar energy should be kept out of your mind. In fact, more and more people should use this natural source to reduce their carbon footprint and make a greener earth.

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