Expert tips to reduce home content insurance premiums in the UK

December 10th, 2019

Statistics reveal that around 16 million Britons have no home content insurance and the primary reason is the expensive home insurance premiums. However, that would not be the biggest road block if you know the methods to get lower content insurance premiums. Today, we focus on methods to minimize premiums so that home insurance becomes an affordable bet for one and all.

Tips to reduce home content insurance premiums:

Focus on the safety measures!

Many home insurance providers in UK offer low premiums on a comprehensive cover only if the home is secured with BSI-approved locks. It is also the best way to safeguard your home so, equip the building’s windows and doors with the best quality locking system. To save on home insurance premiums, join Neighbourhood Watch Schemes to get essential security lights in your home. This will prevent chances of robbery compelling the UK insurance providers to offer the cheapest content insurance premiums.

Choose annual insurance payments over monthly ones!

Most of the home insurance providers in UK charge 6% extra on monthly premiums while this is not the case with annual payment of insurance. Therefore, it is advisable to pay a collected amount of premiums annually. However, there are some content insurance providers that allow monthly premium payments without charging interest. Therefore, it is recommended to compare home insurance providers and choose the one that offers the cheapest premiums.

Purchase content and home insurance cover simultaneously!

If you buy content and building insurance simultaneously and from the same home insurance provider then there are chances of getting a good discount. Again, it is easy to make claim to the same home insurance provider if something goes wrong. You are saved from the extra stress of dealing with the paperwork of two separate insurance providers.

Keep an eye on the no-claims discount!

This benefit is given only if you do not make a claim for a considerable time but then no one can be sure about it. Some home insurance providers do not offer it so enquire everything about the insurer before buying a comprehensive home insurance cover.

Jump on the discount offers!

Check out the cheapest home insurance quotes online as this is the best way to save on home insurance. A word of caution here is do not aim for the cheapest home insurance cover instead, go for the one that fulfills your criteria of the best cover.

Shop around!

To get the biggest discounts, you need to compare all content insurance providers and choose the one that fits your requirements and budget. This is the best way to get the cheapest home insurance cover in UK.

What else? An important tip is to not hide any details from your content insurance provider as that could be fatal. If there were accidents in the home then make sure you mention the details while buying the policy. Hiding facts can result in invalidation of the insurance cover so, keep away from that habit.

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