Expert suggested tips to save on energy bills – Must know!

October 10th, 2019

Getting cheaper energy bills may seem like a far dream to many but it is actually possible if you are ready to pay a bit of attention to details. Energy experts like the Energy Saving Trust and many others recommend some quick tips to save energy bills especially in the winter. Follow them to make a drastic cut down on home energy bills. You need to be extra careful in order to save more and spend less on energy this winter. Let us check out the energy saving tips and see how they work out for you.

Energy saving tips for UK households:

Keep an eye on your energy supplier!

Firstly, you should keep a keen eye on your energy supplier. You must know that you are on the cheapest energy tariff. If not then ask your supplier to make you switch to the cheapest energy tariff. Normally, the UK energy suppliers offer four different kinds of tariffs, each for gas and electricity. You can choose either of them or opt for a dual fuel tariff to get some quick discounts. However, if you miss out then your gas and electricity provider is bound to inform you about their cheapest energy tariff at least once in a year. Ideally, they should inform once your current tariff contract is over instead of shifting you directly to the Standard Variable Tariffs, which is the common practice.

Choose a better way to pay energy bills!

The payment method can also reduce energy bills by a huge margin. Like paying through Direct Debit can earn you big discounts and you may reduce home energy bills by £100 or more. In addition, gas and electricity suppliers offer energy discounts on online bills as it reduces their overhead including the cost of paper and posting the bills. The money saved is often passed on to customers in the form of energy discount deals. Your gas and electricity supplier may have customized methods of bill payment to offer cheaper energy bills to its customers. Ask them if they have any such methods and opt for it.

Shop around and switch to a cheaper energy supplier!

The easiest and most effective way to get the cheapest energy bills is to find energy suppliers that offer cheaper energy tariffs. You can compare all energy suppliers in your area and do a broad risk-benefit analysis. This will help you select the cheapest energy supplier that offers a good service. When you make a switch to cheaper energy supplier, you are most likely to get discounted energy deals offered specially to the new customers.

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