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European Breakdown Cover Explained In Detail

November 22nd, 2019

What is the need for a European Breakdown Cover?

If one already has a standard breakdown cover, then what is the need for a European breakdown cover? Many Brits have this question in mind and the simple answer for this is that the standard breakdown cover is for your local travels within the UK only. On the other hand, European breakdown cover is for safekeeping your trips across the European subcontinent. It will fall into the picture when your car shows you down and you will be stranded on any European roads.

The cover entitles you to make claims if your car gets broken down on any of the European roads. If something goes wrong with your vehicle while you are touring across any of the European destinations, then the cover proves to be of great help. The insurers are bound to offer support where you are stranded. It works well even if you do not know the language of the place or can’t expect any local help.

How does the European breakdown cover work?

In case your car breaks down, you just need to call the breakdown insurance provider. They will gather the details about the location and the exact issue with the car. With this in hand, they will send a mechanic to repair the car. Once the vehicle is all right, you can get back to your journey. In case of a bigger problem, they will check if you have an onward journey cover or not. If yes, then they will arrange a vehicle for your onward journey. They can also arrange for your stay, if the need arises. If the issue is too serious then the insurer arranges everything to bring back the car to the UK. So, if you have this cover, then your car is safe anywhere in the European continent.

How to buy European breakdown cover?

This cover is not included in the standard breakdown cover. So, you need to either get it added to your existing cover or can buy it separately as a standalone European cover. Check with your breakdown cover provider and buy yourself this additional cover so that your European journey would be smooth and hassle free. Without the cover, there are fair chances that the car may cost you a big fat bill. Whether you are a frequent traveller or not, this cover will make things easy for your European trips. Moreover, if you have a home at any of the locations in Europe and need to travel more than once a year, then it’s advisable that you must get yourself a European breakdown cover.

To buy the cover, first of all you must read the small print provided by your insurer. As no two policies are identical, you must get the cover that suits all your requirements and is tailor made to you. You should read the policy in and out to ensure that you are offered things in accordance with your requirements, which includes the countries you want to travel in the near future.

Check the number of days for which you will be covered for. Some providers will cap this duration and even limit the duration of any journey. Normally the limit would be 90 days during a 12 month period. Still, you can check with your insurance provider. If you make a claim beyond this time period, then the cover would be considered invalid. So, do check the time limit of the European breakdown cover.

Check the countries that are covered in the policy. Contrary to your assumption that all European countries would be covered, the policy may not include all countries. This may prove expensive if your car breaks down in a country that is not included in the cover. You can always raise a query to your insurance provider. Before charting out your travel plans, just make a quick call to him and check the destinations covered under the policy.

What are the other types of European breakdown covers?

Apart from car breakdown cover, there are two other types:

  • European motorcycle breakdown cover – for those who plan to travel on a two wheeler

  • European van breakdown cover – For people who want to head to Europe in a van

There are different criteria in both the covers. You can ask your insurance provider, read the small print and decide accordingly.

How to buy cheap European breakdown cover?

  • To buy the cheapest European breakdown cover, you need to compare other insurance providers before renewing the contract with the existing one. You can switch if you find a better deal with someone else.

  • Don’t just buy for big discounts; check thoroughly if it’s the cheapest and suitable for you. A cheaper cover may not provide all the benefits and may leave you in a fix. So, buy a cover that is beneficial even if it raises the budget by a few pounds.

  • Buy a comprehensive breakdown cover at an affordable rate. It is worth the investment as it would save you from heavy breakdown costs.

  • Buying cover for a single trip is cheaper than a multi-trip policy. For an annual vacation, a single trip cover would be sufficient. Unless you travel into Europe for more than two times, there is no need of buying costly multi trip cover.

To sum up, European breakdown cover is important if you are travelling to countries spread across the Europe. Without it, you may face big losses due to vehicle breakdown. So, be wise and invest in a comprehensive yet cheap European breakdown cover.

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