Energy UK launches their vision on the ‘Future of Energy”

October 22nd, 2019

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Energy UK has launched the ‘Future of Energy” project which outlines how energy changes are impacting energy generators, utilities and consumers.

The vision looks ahead to the year 2028 which is 20th anniversary of the Climate Change Act. In the next decade, the project commits to:

  • Meeting the needs of the end consumers
  • Delivering an energy system that is competitive, smart and fair
  • Help deliver the governments decarbonisation targets
  • Recognizing the need for a balance and diverse fuel mix which includes interconnection and storage as well as a demand side response.

The document also goes onto stress a change away from centralized power stations to distributed energy which will provide consumers with more energy options. Naturally this will pose a challenge for energy suppliers who are already contending with the ‘smart meter ‘digital revolution.

The document reads, “A future energy system that delivers our vision for customers is within reach. Its benefits stretch beyond customers and include a positive impact on the UK and its regions, through boosting productivity and jobs as well as creating export opportunities as other countries follow the UK’s lead”

Adding onto this, Lawrence Slade, Chief executive at Energy UK, commented “The energy system of the future will be smarter, cleaner, decentralized and diverse. It will offer multiple opportunities to benefit customers, the UK economy and the environment. Technological advances can transform not just how we generate and use energy but also our experience as customers”

Keeping customers in mind, Charles Hendry, chair of the Smart Power Industries Alliance, said “If we do get it right, then consumers will benefit to a huge degree. But if we get it wrong, and it’s done in a haphazard way, then some of the businesses that are installing it [distributed energy] will benefit, but the consumers will lose out in a significant and lasting way, and that will be a damage you can’t put right”

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