Energy Solutions – Renewable Wind and Solar Energy

November 25th, 2019

It seems like there is a severe energy crisis all around the world today, and many countries, especially the developed countries, are leaning towards renewable energy resources or green energy that can be used again and again as the environmental damage is kept to a minimum. By keeping the environment safe and clean, we can provide a sustainable resolution to future generations.

In contrast, using fossils as fuels has serious consequences and causes great damage to the environment. As we have seen in recent years, some countries in the world, especially the countries in the Far East are experiencing extreme climatic conditions. These conditions have been linked to the increase in pollution from greenhouse gases (such as carbon monoxide and methane) which have led to the destruction of the ozone layer.

In solution, by using solar or wind powered farms, we can address the generation of energy whilst maintaining environmental protection. Replacing the gas run power plants with wind turbines and solar panels can also be very cost effective in the long run but initially there is a big outlay. Nonetheless, this initial cost should fall in the future as technological or investment factors assist in the plight for a greener earth.

Around the world, the shortage of energy resources is causing prices of gas and electricity to go up. Currently Germany has the highest electricity tariff, whilst India and China has the lowest tariffs. However, the reason for the high electricity prices in Germany can be attributed to the government project of new green energy farms which will run on wind and solar cells. Currently the people of Germany are paying for this transition process, which involves changes to establishments and technology. But once these projects are completed, the tariffs will be lowered again since the cost of maintenance will be low too.

Solar panels and the need of installing them:

If you want to take one step ahead then you can install solar energy panels in your home or farm and generate your own electricity. Also, you can supply the excess energy to other providers who rely on green sources of energy. In return, the suppliers will pay you Feed-in tariffs. These are the payment made to households which generate and use renewable electricity and do not harm the environment. So, if you have a farm and the resources to install solar panels then it is a very good idea to save the planet and earn some money.

Which suppliers pay Feed-in tariffs?

By law, all the suppliers that form Big Six energy companies have to pay feed-in tariffs. Other independent Energy suppliers also pay feed-in tariffs even when they are not bound by the law. However, there can be an exception so, you should check with the supplier whom you plan to sell excess energy generated due to solar panels. Also, there is no need to change the supplier as the rates offered are universal and so, any supplier you choose will pay you the same tariff.

To conclude, it has become very important to find reusable energy sources to address all energy shortage problems, especially for industries where the cost of gas and electricity can have a great impact on the profit as well as production of a company. Renewable resources can significantly increase efficiency and profits for various industries as the cost and supply of energy is manageable. If you have space and finance then install a renewable energy plant at your place and save the planet.

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