DVSA plans to upgrade car driving tests – More safety is the aim!

December 11th, 2019

Aiming to cultivate better drivers, DVSA plans to upgrade car driving tests!

Do British drivers need to go through elaborate car driving tests? Well, the government feels so. In order to reduce accidents on British roads, the Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA) wants to make changes to the driving test method. They want to make it more gruelling so as to assess the capability of the new driver to drive independently. This method will assure that fresh drivers can follow the sat nav instructions and drive on the roads without anyone’s help.

What are the changes in the car driving tests?

DVSA plans to make the following changes in training and car driving tests:

  • It wants to increase the time period of independent driving from 10 minutes to 20 minutes.

  • During this driving, they want the test taker to follow the instructions of a sat nav.

  • They want to incorporate more real life scenarios into the test. Like changing the ‘reverse around corner’ and ‘turn in the road’ parts of the test to a more real driving situation. For example, they may ask one to drive and reverse out of an actual parking bay.

  • Getting the correct answers for vehicle safety questions.

Main reasons for changes in the driving test method:

DVSA wants to reduce the number of accidents in the country. According to the DVSA, collisions kill around a quarter of youth that age between 15 and 19.

This number is quite an alarming one. To reduce this, such steps and changes are made so that drivers get a feel of independent driving and become more confident behind the wheels.

As 52% of car drivers have a sat navigation system, the test will be good to ensure that young drivers know how to use them safely.

How the change will affect the drivers in Britain?

The DVSA has collaborated with Transport Research Laboratory. They are researching on the wholesome effect of this experiment. As of now, 4,500 learner drivers along with 850 motor driving instructors are participating in this ‘newly formed’ test driving method. It is conducted across 32 locations in Britain.

The purpose is to give the drivers a feel of real life driving. When they appear for driving tests, they will meet real life challenges and distractions. This would check how much they can cope with the upgraded test scenario and compel them to hone their driving skills. The research would be finished by end of 2016 and then a final report by the DVSA would be published.

It is a combined effort!!

The DVSA has aligned with the Transport Research Laboratory and many driving instructor associations like the AA, the RAC, IAM and RoSPA to make sure this research happens properly and they can come up with some useful findings for the young drivers of Britain.

Do you think that this method will improve the car driving ability of the young drivers of Britain? Share with us!

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