Does Home Insurance Cover the Accidental Damages?

December 12th, 2019

A home is a lively place. The day to day activities in the house may result in some or the other kinds of damage to the property and its contents. Many a times there are accidental worn outs and we lose out on that favourite vase, the precious photo frame, costly gadgets and more. Even while doing a DIY project, we may end up damaging the bathroom pipe, wallpapers, carpets and other stuff.

Recovering the cost of such unexpected breakage or mending should be a part of the home insurance. Most insurance providers do not include accidental damage as a standard policy. However, they can include it and charge extra premiums that range from £20 to £100 a year.

Various types of accidental damages are covered in the home insurance policy. This includes the one-off incidences of knocking the property or its content. You can only claim genuine worn outs of the things, such as damage made during shifting the contents of the property to a new home. If the professional packers would have packed it well and still if there was a crack or damage to the furniture then you can make a claim.

If your toddler spills harsh liquid on the sofa or breaks an expensive item, then you will get a payout for it.  Most of the insurance companies do not pay for the wear and tear caused by a pet. So, if you own a pet then check with your insurer whether they consider the damage caused by the pet as an accidental damage or not.

Bad craftsmanship will not be covered in an accidental damage case. Mind well that damage made by a hired professional for fitting equipment, plumbing taps and pipelines or other kinds of home management things will not be paid off under the home insurance policy.

False claims are not entertained and someone trying to be smart with the insurance company may lose out on the current policy. There are fair chances that one may have a tough time getting another insurance in the future as well. So, be honest with your insurer. Try to manage the home well and unless it’s urgent and important do not make claims.

Cost of accidental damage cover:

The total cost of an accidental cover may raise your home insurance price by 20%. For this you may end up paying £20 to £100 extra on your annual premium. If this sounds a bit too much then check with your insurer. Most of them consider damage to electrical items like TV, DVD, laptops, etc. as standard and so, you may not need to buy any extra cover for these items.

If you have younger kids, it automatically increases chances of wear and tear in the house. For this, it is advisable to buy a cover for accidental damage. Depending on the situation and the kind of lifestyle you live, just select or drop an additional cover for accidental damages in the home.

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