Debt Consolidation Loans Explained in Detail

December 11th, 2019

Debt Consolidation Loans Explained in Detail

Debt consolidation loans is one of the best ways to manage many small loans. It helps you to avoid juggling between making payments to more than one lender. By clubbing all your small loans into one large amount will make it more manageable and easy to handle. Instead of paying minimum amounts to N number of lenders, one can easily pay the monthly repayment for one debt consolidated loan. You need to find whether you are eligible for it or not.

What are debt consolidation loans?

In simple terms, a debt consolidation loan is about transferring all your small debts into one big loan with an easy monthly repayment policy. Although you will still pay back for all the loans, it will be more manageable with the monthly outgoing amount much less than the sum total of what you were paying for separate loans. Again, the rate of interest will be much lower and the total payable cost would be spread across a longer time period.

Major benefits of debt consolidation loans:

With a planned effort and careful management of spending, debt consolidation loans can help you in the following ways:

Reduced monthly payments:As the term of debt gets spread across a longer time, your monthly repayments get reduced to a manageable level. Many of us pay the minimum monthly repayment amount of the existing debts. This covers the payable interest while still leaving the entire debt amount as it is. So, when you pay the repayment for the debt consolidation loan, it will cover not just interest but the debt amount as well. This way, you can gradually pay back the entire loan.

Improves credit rating:If you are steadily paying your monthly repayment and do not indulge in further debt then it will create a positive impact on your credit file. Slowly it will improve your credit rating too. It is always advisable to check your credit report before applying for the debt consolidation loan.

Reduces overall interest: The interest payable on debt consolidation loans is much lower than that paid on credit cards or store cards. This way, you save big money which would otherwise be paid for the interest on loans.

Drawbacks of guaranteed debt consolidation loans:

The debt period stretches to a longer one. The burden of a debt will stay longer in the back of your head. So, one should consider all other alternatives to reduce and pay up your existing loans. If you can reduce the loans completely then no need to consolidate them. One must analyse things before proceeding towards a bigger and better consolidated loan.

How to get a debt consolidation loan?

The lender will check your eligibility by checking your credit file and outstanding credit. If you have a bad credit score then the lender may choose to offer a secured loan, which is a loan you get on by putting your belongings or property at stake. So, you should be sure about managing the repayment of the loan otherwise your property would be at the risk of repossession.

Factors which are considered before giving guaranteed debt consolidation loan:

    • The amount of the loan

    • Applicant’s credit history

    • Time period of the debt

People with low outstanding debt and good credit score can easily get a debt consolidation loan and reduce their overall debt.

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