Dash Cams Would Cut Down Future Motor Insurance Cost by A Big Way

December 11th, 2019

Dash cams as we know are cameras which record the view of the road through a vehicle’s windshield. Attached with a suction cup on the interior of the windscreen, the cameras are best used to generate video evidence in the event of a road mishap or accident.

The images are instantly recorded and saved on the internal memory card; a 32 GB card can record four hours of the trip. You can present the footage of dash cams to fight a legal battle or to convince your insurance provider about you innocence and proving that you were not at fault.

The footage can also be transferred on hard drives and other devices and can be played as and when required. Some of the more sophisticated and higher versions of dash cams have the facility to record exact speed, location and G-forces.

These cams can collective create the exact event and give accurate picture of the situation on the road. They are some of the cheapest devices with the lowest model costing you as little as £30 while the highest model would be somewhere around £300. You can even buy a dash cam with moderate video quality for just £150.

Dash cams are a great investment and are recommended by prominent car insurers. AXA even offers a 10% off in case you are a new customer and have a car with a dash cam fitted in it. With these cameras, you no longer have to wrangle around with your car insurance provider to show case the situation on the road.

This is one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of dash cams as they look like the most promising car accessory in 2017. Experts suggest that these cams would be as ubiquitous as the satnav.

According to an independent survey, it is reported that there are about 840,000 dash cams running on UK roads. This includes the helmet mounted cameras used by motor cyclists. Statistics from 2015 suggests that the sale of these cameras has increased by 395% making the dash cams the most purchased product in the consumer goods category. When observed on a global platter, the purchase of these cameras would triple and experts expect enormous sales worth £4.5 billion a year by 2022.

Some of these cameras also have a facility to film through the rear windscreen giving you complete proof in case your vehicle is hit by another vehicle following you. While most of the motor experts consider these devices as a boon to the drivers, there is a community which feels that these cams would peep into our private lives and make them public when not required.

Whatever be the case, dash cams can certainly help you to pull down your car insurance costs. A sensible driver should definitely invest in this gadget so that no one can question their driving habits.

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