Contents Insurance – To Have or Not to Have?

December 12th, 2019

What is the need for content insurance?

Home insurance providers basically deal with giving cover for the building. However, your home is more than just a building. It includes all your personal belongings that you keep within the house. Be it the furniture, the crockery, laptops, gadgets and other tangible belongings. The question is what about those things? How can one keep them secure or get a payoff in case of any damage? This is where, contents insurance comes into the picture.

What is contents insurance?

Contents insurance is a kind of insurance that pays for damage or loss of an individual or family’s belongings and possessions that are placed in the house. It is taken to secure everything other than the brick and mortar structure of the house. This type of insurance is beneficial for everyone, be it the renters or the homeowners.

Why should one choose content insurance?

Simple! To get payoff for everything other than the building. In case of accidents like sudden fire or theft in the house, you will be faced with damaged belongings. To recover money spent on these items, you can make a claim only if they are insured. Mind well that this insurance does not cover general wear and tear of your belongings. You get compensated only if the damage is considered valid by the insurance providers. For more items and higher amounts to cover, you will need to pay higher premiums.

Are there any add-ons in content insurance?

Yes! There is a provision to add-on things to your content cover. These extra add-ons raise your premiums too. However, it gives better pay out in return.

Following add-ons are covered in content insurance:

Away from home cover: If you damage any of your belongings whilst outside the home, you can claim on this type of cover. Be it a stolen laptop or a damaged camera, if they are insured you will be paid for them.

Accidental damage cover: If not you then your pets or children can damage items within the house. Such accidental damage can be paid for if you have insured those items. Like the price for a costly vase broken by your jumping pet can be recovered if the vase was already insured.

How to save up on the premiums of content insurance?

If you want lower premiums on your content insurance cover, then follow these methods:

Pay higher excess: You can reduce premium cost by paying a higher excess to the insurance provider. This excess amount will need to be paid when you make a claim so be sure to select a level that is affordable.

Keep the items secure: Make all arrangements to minimize chances of theft or damage to cut down your content insurance premiums. If you have a burglar and smoke alarms installed, then you may get some discount on the premiums.

Pay upfront: Paying a good amount upfront followed by regular monthly premiums may turn out to be a better idea than an annual payment depending on your level of affordability. Unfortunately, this may prove more expensive but you should check to see the difference in cost.

Compare providers: You need to compare and cross check the quotes offered by various content insurance providers. They may vary drastically. So, compare and check which provider offers you the cheapest contents insurance.

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