Comparing Online Energy Tariffs

December 13th, 2019

With energy prices seemingly increasing every day, heating and lighting your home can seem very expensive. However, by taking ownership of your energy account online you could make a significant saving. Below, we explain how online energy tariffs provide a way to getting the cheapest dual fuel tariff possible.

Moving to an online gas and electricity tariff

Online energy tariffs take away the cost from the supplier of managing and processing your account. This means the energy supplier saves money and in return offers better rates to its customers. So if you have access to internet and are looking to save a significant amount of money from your bills then an online tariff is a brilliant option.

The online tariff will offer you access to your bills 24 hours a day 7 days a week and you will be submitting your own meter readings meaning you only pay for what you have used. What’s more, by submitting meter readings regularly, you will obtain an understanding of your energy usage behaviour, enabling you to have greater control.

Payment Method

In nearly all instances, online energy tariffs require you to make payments online or via a direct debit set-up. Typically, paying by direct debit leads to further discounts so this should also be taken into consideration when doing you comparison for the cheapest energy tariffs.

Select Your Energy Tariff Type

Typically, energy consumers have the option of selecting either a fixed or variable online energy tariff. The fixed tariff requires the customer to set a fixed date and payment amount which will be debited periodically, whilst the variable is open to changes in the market prices of the energy tariffs.

As you might expect, the variable tariff is typically cheaper than the fixed tariff as it offers no price protection. In the event that prices go up, the fixed tariff could end up being significantly cheaper. Alternatively, if prices go down, the variable tariff will become cheaper but the same will not be offered to customers on the fixed energy tariffs as they are in a fixed term contract.

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Dual Fuel Tariff Comparison

Once you have decided if you would like an online energy tariff, it is important to compare all the online options so you can be rest assured that you are getting the cheapest deal.

To help you, we recommend the use of our Online Energy comparison tool, which will not only compare all the tariff options but also display the results in terms of cheapest first, allowing you to make a decision quickly.

As always, Free Price Compare offer Free, Independent and Impartial advice so you can be confident in our results and guidance.

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