Comparing the Galaxy S6 to Its Rivals

October 23rd, 2019

The question that springs to most customers’ minds when looking at which next generation mobile device they will buy is: how do they compare?

The newest Samsung Galaxy offering has plenty of new and changed features, but how do they stack up against the iPhone and the rest of the market?

This new Galaxy will be thinner than any of its competitors which in turn has made it lighter than any of them too. This is a good sign for customers who don’t want the heavy bulk of an iPhone sitting in pockets or bags.

The phone will feature wireless charging, using an easily transportable dock that the phone rests on. No more plugging and unplugging and hopefully no more changing the plug attachment with every new model. There are high hopes for the wireless charging revolution that seems to be making its way through most of the up and coming mobile devices, and it seems like a great idea so far.

The S6 will also feature more processing power than any of its rivals, plenty more than the iPhone 6, but this seems to be adversely affecting the S6’s battery life. The predictions are that the battery will not outlast the older S5 and could be a shorter lasting device than the iPhone 6 and in fact many of the other competitors.

The biggest outclassing that the S6 achieves is in the photo department. The iPhone 6 has a 1.2 megapixel camera, whilst the S6 will have a 5 megapixel camera with two different lenses to improve media capabilities. Compared with the HTC One M9 with 4 MP, the LG G3 with 2.1 MP and the Moto X with 2 MP, the S6 far outclasses them all.

It could end up a little expensive however, with estimates running at around £699, a little more than the iPhone and quite a bit more than the other competitors mentioned above.


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