How to Compare Online Gas Tariffs/Rates

January 22nd, 2014

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You can make huge savings by looking online, to show you how we have compiled all the information below.

What is the best way to compare online gas tariffs?

To see all the possible options available to you, use our handy Free Price Compare we pride ourselves on providing an easy to useenergy comparison facility which is both free and impartial.

In order to use the comparison tool, we will only require you to have some idea on the level of your gasusage; using this information we can find online gas tariff options which can save you a lot of money almost instantly. – Compare Standard Electricity Tariff with Free Price Compare

Which is the best online gas tariff?

Gas tariffs from various providers vary in many different ways. It is important for you to decipher which package best caters for your needs. For example, many gas tariffs have standing charges which means the unit rate for the gas will be low. Hence this is ideal for a high user of gas. In contrast, if you don’t use too much gas then having a higher unit rate and a low standing change/zero standing charge would be more beneficial to your overall cost.

Moreover, energy companies will entice you to use their services for electricity as well as gas, by taking up dual fuel services online, you may be entitled to further discounts making it the best online option available in the market. However, you should use our comparison tool to make sure that dual fuel is in fact the cheapest/best option available.

When selecting the best online gas tariff, you will need to decide between a variable and fixed rate tariff. A clear benefit of the fixed rate gas tariff is that you will always know that you’re getting a fixed monthly gas bill which will remain at the same rate till the end of your contract. In contrast, if the gas prices do go down then you will not be able to capitalize on the opportunity as you will be stuck in the higher rate fixed gas contract. To some effect the fixed rate tariffs would take away your basic right to switch to an option which is more beneficial and hence, a variable tariff, in this case, is ideal.

Nonetheless, at, we would advise customer to opt for the longer term fixed rate gas tariffs which shield them from future gas price increases. As per the now common knowledge, gas prices have been going up consistently at a rate which is higher than inflation. – Compare Standard Electricity Tariff with Free Price Compare

Having an online gas account will make you a savvy user!

To reiterate, by have an online billing system you will become savvier when using your gas. By taking ownership of submitting online meter readings that are accurate, you will save money by paying only for what you use and this in turn will show you the level of your gas usage.

So to start saving with one of the many online gas accounts, use our free and impartial comparison service now!

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