How To Compare Electricity Suppliers?

January 2nd, 2020


How to compare electricity suppliers (providers) / electricity companies?

Comparing electricity prices and electricity suppliers can be very difficult and hard to understand. If you are annoyed and disappointed with the price rises from your electricity supplier than you are at the right place.

Our uniquely designed comparison tool is easy to use and it compares tariffs from all electricity suppliers to get you the best deal. You can use our comparison tool right now to switch your prices to better rates.

How much will charge me to switch my energy supplier?

Our services are 100% Free to use. We receive small remuneration from the supplier you switch by using our comparison service.

However, this doesn’t cloud our commitment to you in offering a free and impartial service, and nor does it increase the price you pay to your new/ current supplier. will not charge any fees nor will it take out any money from your bank account for using our services. However, we do need to collate your bank details to set up Direct Debit instructions for your new supplier.

Green Electricity plans

At we compare green electricity tariffs too. Just do a normal comparison, and look for the “Environmentally Friendly” tab in the results table.

How up to date are the supplier details? Are the prices kept up to date as well?

All electricity suppliers (electricity companies) inform our management team well in advance of any change in the price/tariff. Hence out data is always up to date prior to the new prices taking effect.

How do we rate among the other electricity suppliers? is not an electricity supplier but we offer free, independent and impartial comparison service as a guide to help you choose the best electricity prices. At we compare electricity prices from all suppliers.

Simply compare and switch

Our free energy comparison tool is very easy and friendly to use. It’s up-to-date with the latest rates that we get from all suppliers. Compare energy tariffs to compare your electricity tariffs and see how much you could save.

Compare and see how much you can save on your energy bills

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