Commercial Energy

January 2nd, 2020

Commercial energy is the lifeblood of business and industry! It isn’t cool or sexy but simply ignoring it, and your business energy prices, and staying with the same supplier through thick and thin is just not profitable.

You may be surprised to learn that many businesses do just that and stay locked into long term commercial energy contracts without ever thinking to look elsewhere for better deals. Alternatively, they may sign up to the first good looking commercial energy deal that comes along and then spend the next 12 months locked into an expensive contract.

If you want to save on business energy but do not want to commit the time or the hassle of finding a better deal yourself, your best option is to contact a business energy broker to do it for you. A business energy broker will be able to find you the best commercial energy deals on the market, that best suit your business requirements. Whether you are a large multi site operation or a tiny start up with just the heating and electricity bills to consider , you can still benefit from competitive business energy prices and save money.

Before you can switch commercial energy suppliers, you will probably have to cancel your existing contracts in adherence with contract terms. Utility suppliers operate rollover contracts so they will automatically renew your agreement unless you cancel. The result is that unless you act within a limited timeframe following the renewal letter , you will be locked into another contract, which may not be the best value on the market and be expensive to get out of.

If you want to save on business energy costs, your best action is to contact a business energy broker now, before this happens. That way you can be sure that you are in a position to switch suppliers and take advantage of the best commercial energy deals on offer when they arise.

There is plenty of choice on the market. The major commercial energy suppliers offer a variety of deals aimed at attracting all sizes and types of business. Gas, electric, dual energy, green energy, your business energy requirements can be supplied by one dual supplier or by different companies. It is up to you and for most consumers, depends on the business energy prices on offer.

One thing is certain. If you stay locked into your existing contract, it will be more expensive than switching because your existing deal can always be improved upon.

Contact a business energy broker to find out how to save money on commercial energy and get the best deal for you and your company.

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