Co-operative Energy And The Energy Price Hike – Must Know!

November 26th, 2019

UK energy price rise is nothing new to the Britons now! Whether the entire thing feels like a game by a few gas and electricity suppliers that have dominance over the energy market or the after effects of Brexit, the people have to bear the pain of the gigantic energy bills. While many wait for their suppliers to offer them cheapest energy deals, some want the government to intervene the energy market and take concrete measures to save the citizens from getting crushed under the intolerable price hike.

Apart from the Big Six energy suppliers, there are around a dozen UK energy companies that raised their energy prices, with each having its own reasons. Some of them blamed it on the wholesale energy price rise while others chose to blame the government’s environment and smart meter schemes. Whichever be the case, the price rise is faced by the entire United Kingdom, whether it’s announced by the leading UK energy companies or the small independent energy suppliers.

One of the popular names in this list is Co-operative Energy, which is formed by Midcounties Co-operative. The gas and electricity provider has raised its prices not once but two times in just six months. First time, it announced a 3% rise in energy prices in October 2016, compelling the customer to pay £32 extra on their energy bills.

Recently it has declared a 5% price rise on its standard variable tariffs making the customers pay £58 more for gas and electricity. With effect from April 1, the second price rise was announced after five of the Big Six energy suppliers made their individual announcements. It seems as if the Co-operative Energy followed the herd. Take a quick look at Co-operative Energy’s Tariffs and their prices.

A spokesperson for Co-op Energy said: “We try to protect customers from price fluctuations wherever possible. In recent months, however, we have absorbed a number of rising costs, including network charges and industry obligations. This is no longer sustainable and we have reluctantly taken the decision to pass on some of these costs to customers by increasing the Green Pioneer standard variable tariff by an average of five per cent.”

The straight effect of the energy price rise means that now 100,000 dual fuel energy customers will have to pay £1,179 a year instead of £1,121, which they paid earlier.

Speaking on the matter, Shay Ramani, founder of one of the energy price comparison site, said that “Energy price rise by independent gas and electricity suppliers like the Co-operative Energy is a big blow for the customers who are already facing the wrath of heightened cost of living. If such practices continue then the government or energy regulator should come in the picture to help the energy customers. The customers should also make up their minds to switch to cheaper energy suppliers instead of continuing with their current supplier.”

To conclude, UK energy companies are raising their standard variable tariffs by a considerable per cent. This is proving to be quite a burden for the customers as the gas and electricity suppliers are proving expensive than the cheap energy deals provider which they promised to be. To deal with this, energy customers have to think about energy price comparison and switching to a better and cheaper energy supplier. If you find it difficult to compare UK energy suppliers then rely on FreePriceCompare, one of the best online energy price comparison sites.

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