October 10th, 2019


In this classic car insurance guide we will show you how to insure your classic car and, if you should go with a specialist or standard insurance provider.

From the start it is important to note that insurers only see the risk potential of a classic car and hence they price the insurance charge accordingly. So, whilst a classic Porsch 911 or an Aston Martin DB6 adds character to your driveway, it is important to take various factors into account before deciding on the purchase. At the end of the day it’s a big commitment and so extensive research is required if you are to avoid having pricey outlays.

Purchasing classic car protection

Given the age of a classic car and the strains of modern day living it may be the case that some parts of a classic car need replacing. Therefore, it is recommended that you work out how genuinely original you want your classic car to be, as you will most likely need to pay extra to protect the original nuts and bolts of the car. Remember, this is especially important if you consider the classic car to be an asset, which will go up in price, as having unoriginal parts could compromise its value.

Cheap Insurance for a classic car

Getting cheap classic car insurance is a difficult task but if you know what kind of cover you want, then we can find the perfect protection for you.

It is often the case that classic car owners use their vehicle for leisurely drives or for general frivolous use. Such factors are taken into account by car insurers and hence premiums will be reduced as the insurance will be restricted by the number of miles. To add, if you only use the classic car on special non-regular occasions then you can get temporary insurance cover which will insure your vehicles for a set number of days.

However a clear downside of temporary insurance is that you will most likely not be covered during incidence of fire, theft or damage. So you can get a “laid up” policy as well which offers fire, theft or damage insurance on the condition that the car is off the street and in a safe location.

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