A City Break In Geneva

January 18th, 2014

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A city break in Geneva

Dominated by the shimmering blue of its lake and the timeless beauty of Mont Blanc, Geneva is a glistening and modern city ideal for a weekend break.

Swiss culture

Switzerland is famed for its precision which is symbolised in part by itslong tradition of fine watch-making. The Patek Philippe Museum is an ideal place to start your journey, as it contains a world leading collection of rare and antique watches and clocks. Here you will find an in-depth guide as to how the Swiss have dominated this most noble of arts for centuries. The Art and History Museumalso contains artistic wonders, with The Miraculous Draught of Fishes by Konrad Witz a prime attraction for art lovers everywhere.

Lake Geneva

Many quaint villages and towns lie on the shores of the famous lake, with Nyon and Rolle two notable examples that are definitely worth a day trip. In the summer months water sports are common, and there are miles of beaches upon which to relax in surprisingly warm temperatures. The Swiss are precision engineers and the world’s largest refracting telescope can be found at Yerkes Observatory. The English Garden on the eastern bankalso contains the Flower Clock, another ode to the Swiss tradition of watch-making. Made from thousands of multi-coloured flowers, it is a sight to behold in the summer sun. There are a number of cruises to enjoy, which offer spectacular views and great dining facilities. The picturesque Botanical Gardens have dazzling foliage and pink flamingos strutting around in the water, and the beautiful Perle du Lac Park is only a short walk away. Winter time is a great time to experience the Lake, with skiing trips available along miles of cross-country trails shaped from freshly fallen snow.

Swiss cuisine

Old Town has a sumptuous collection of eateries, with many offering French-inspiredclassics as well as the famous cheese fondue. Here you will find a maze of cobbled streets that are the perfect setting for indulging in a delicious meal after a day of sightseeing. For unadulterated luxury, the Domain de Chateauvieux is one of Geneva’s best and most popular restaurants for foodie fans. Located a short trip from the city centre and amidst the grounds of the Satigny’s vineyard, you are guaranteed fine wines, great food, and even a smoking room to sample a deluxe cigar. If your tastes are a little more exotic, the Pâquis area of the city houses a number of establishments offering world cuisine from Indian to Italian with everything in between.

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