Christmas Shopping Tips

December 12th, 2019

With Christmas round the corner, we here at wanted to provide hinters and pointers on how you could get more bang for your buck this Christmas.

  1. Start putting money away- now that might mean missing out on a few lattes and even taking a few sandwiches to work from home but, money saved here could mean having to borrow less or not having to use credit cards with high interest rates.
  2. Winter’s here, think about where you can cut outgoings where it will not affect your standard of living. With 70-80% of households paying more for their energy bills than they need to, a saving of £533 could be made by switching over to a cheaper tariff.
  3. Most households will have a subscription TV service, broadband and telephone often being with the same provider year after year without ever questioning if there is a cheaper deal.  There could be a saving of £457 by comparing and switching. To see how much money you could save visit or call 0800 977 5741.
  4. Most of us that have dependants will have in place life insurance policy and that’s something that’s sensible. Many people will have taken a policy through their bank, but are you sure that policy was right for you. We’ve created a comparison tool , where policies start from low as £5 per month.
  5. If you are purchasing and want to use a credit card, look for one that offers a long interest free period on purchases. Currently, The Post Office Master Card offers consumers 27 months of interest free period on all purchases.
  6. When thinking about shopping the High Street shops may have been the first thought, but you could save a lot of time and money by shopping online. There are sites such as Wowcher, Groupon & Ebay that offer huge savings when compared against the High Street. We at have aggregated sites such as, Groupon, eBay, neOffer, Travel Zoo, Wowcher, LivingSocial UK, Tap4Offers, TravelBird and Go Groopie.
    So hopefully you’ll find something for everyone with a few clicks of a button. You’ll even find holidays, so you could have your Christmas and/or New Year in New York for a very low price.

We’ve hopefully shown you that the festive period doesn’t need to be such a strain on the pocket and something you could do online on one site.
Wishing you the best of Christmas and a happy new year.

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