Choosing Pet Insurance – 7 Must Know Tricks to Pay Less

December 12th, 2019

The people of United Kingdom love pets. They are animal loving souls and thus every fourth household has a pet. However, the cost of pet parenting can take a toll on your pocket. The veterinary expenses are growing at an increasing rate and thus you will be charged with whopping bills for your pet’s healthcare.

This can be easily managed by taking a good pet health insurance. Having said that, the insurance policy should be chosen keeping a few things in mind. These things should revolve around the fact that you need to pay less for the premiums and still manage the finances required for the pet’s short and long term health care.

7 things you should know to pay less:

The working of pet insurance: If you know how pet insurance works, then it would be easy to select the best yet affordable pet cover for your pets. There are four kinds of covers:

  • Accident only: It only covers any treatments required after an accident and does not insure the pets against illnesses. Some of them may have a time limit and you have to pay a fixed amount of premium for each accidental injury.
  • Per condition with a time limit: It is considered as the cheapest type of cover. It gives good payoffs for pets against accidents and illnesses. However, it is bound by a fixed time limit of 12 months.
  • Per condition with no time limit: This insurance is provided with a set fee limit, with no time frame. The cover will continue to pay off until you keep renewing the policy after every 12 months. Illness and periodic injuries will not be covered in this kind of pet insurance.
  • Lifetime: This kind of insurance cover offers payoffs for all health conditions with some exclusions like pre-existing conditions, pregnancy etc. And yes, the cover is for the entire lifetime of the pet and hence proves a little expensive. You will be charged a higher premium, which needs to be renewed every year.

Choose one of these types of covers depending on your pet’s current health condition. You can also take your veterinarian’s advice on this.

The actual cost of the pet health insurance: Sometimes, insuring a pet proves to be hard on your pocket. It also varies with the area in which you live, the breed of the pet, its age and current health condition. Again, if the pet has been neutered or micro chipped then you can expect better discounts on the premium. You need to select the cheapest pet insurance but still put stress on a comprehensive cover. Compare the premiums, time limit and pet’s health so that you can select the best pet cover for your pal.

Pet insurance or risk: Many pet owners feel that their young and well cultured pet may not need any insurance. They think that if they take good care of the pet then there is no need of the insurance. The idea seems good but you never know about unexpected illnesses or accidents. They can occur at any unfortunate time. Trying your pet’s luck by not investing in any insurance policy may turn out to be the biggest mistake. So, do not take risk with your pet’s health. Choose any one kind of insurance to make sure you have a financial back up in case the pet shows poor signs of health.

Free treatments for low income or not: If you cannot afford pet insurance then no need to lose heart. There are many agencies and animal charitable organizations which offer pet treatments on a means-tested basis. The Blue Cross, PDSA, RSPCA, SSPCA and USPCA will be of great help if you cannot afford insurance for your pet. These organizations would give good treatments without any fees.

Tricks and traps of pet insurance companies: It is a business for the pet insurance companies. They may suggest to you policies which would be good for the pet, but can leave a big hole in your pocket. In addition, they do not consider any pre-existing illness or may charge heavy premiums for deteriorating health conditions like ageing. These may prove costlier than paying the vet’s bill. So, it becomes very important to compare all the insurance providers and switch to the cheapest and reliable of all.

How to reduce insurance costs: The best way to trim down the insurance cost is to keep the pet healthy. Maintain a good lifestyle such that the pet remains active and fit. Apart from that you can reduce the premiums by getting the animal spayed or neutered. Another thing to keep in mind is to insure the pet at a young age as the premiums go higher with the pet’s age. You may also get some good discounts if your pet is micro chipped which is great for ensuring the safety of your pet too.

How to crack the cheapest pet insurance deals: Pet insurance depends on various factors. There are several kinds of insurances making things really confusing. Your vet’s suggestion should be considered in the first place. Moreover, you can check online comparison sites to find the cheapest deals within seconds. This way, you save money and time needed to find the best pet insurance cover at the cheapest price. So, compare and check the result now!

Insure pets other than cats and dogs: If you have pets other than cats and dogs then you can insure them too. Searching for a good insurance provider for them could be a task. Some of those providers can be checked on Based on the cheapest and most reliable provider, you can select the one that suits you the most.

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