Child Health Insurance Cover

November 26th, 2019

Should I take out child health insurance cover?

It’s always very upsetting to see a child fall ill, but at least with private health insurance cover you can be rest assured that your child wouldn’t have to wait for treatment when they fall ill.

One Might feel that the policy will be Pricey but that is not necessarily true and you can get the level of cover you require.

Types of Cover

Depending on the level of cover, one can have insurance policies which only cover treatments in hospital and others which also include outpatient assistance. Pay-out of the cover often has a pre-specified cover limit and, in most cases, you are required to make monthly premium payments else the cover will stop.

Additionally, you can get health cash plans which contribute towards everyday healthcare costs, such as visits to the dentist, chiropractors, opticians etc. The plan gives you a cash sum whenever you are required to visit these health practitioners.

Things to note

Most policies will have a mandatory minimum level of excess which has to be paid by you when your child requires medical attention as part of the policy. If you wish to have a more comprehensive cover, without the additional costs, you can increase the excess amount voluntarily which should reduce the premium increase as the risk to the insurer effectively reduces.

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