Cheapest Pay As You Go Energy Tariff

October 10th, 2019


PAYG/ prepayment tariffs enable you to have greater control over your monthly energy budget. Below we help you compare prepayments tariffs so you get the best prepayment dual fuel tariff options.

Why go for pay as you go/ prepayment energy tariffs?

Typically, prepayment meters are found in houses where the tenant has been unsuccessful in keeping up with their bills. The prepayment meter makes paying and using easier for the tenant as they set spend to what they can afford taking the risk of default away from the energy supplier.

In some cases, landlords request a prepayment meter to be installed as once the tenants leave the premises, they are not required to deal with any outstanding energy debts. Whilst, clearly this is an advantage for the landlord, a prepayment tariff is not the cheapest way to source your energy. To find the cheapest energy tariffs, you will most likely require a credit meter.

Best dual fuel price

As suggested above, prepayment tariffs are typically more expensive than the standard tariff options, however you can still seek to find a good deal on your current prepayment tariff.

To find all the best energy options available to you, use our prepayment tariff comparison tool. It will showcase all the available options with the biggest saving at the top, allowing you to make a decision more easily.

Compare and see how much you can save on your energy bills

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