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January 2nd, 2020

Cheap business electricity supplier – how to find the best business electricity deal?

At, we assist in comparing the cheapest commercial energy solutions for all kinds of SMEs and corporate houses. We help you find the cheapest business energy tariffs for your company. By grabbing our FREE service, any business house can compare tariffs offered by energy suppliers and choose the cheapest deal for themselves.

On an average, our clients save 40-50% on their utility bills. In some cases, our customers have saved nearly 90% of their renewal quotes by getting the best deal from our compare service. By opting for our service, you can save thousands of pounds. It’s all about choosing the cheapest and best deal offer for your business.

How do I compare and switch to cheap business electricity?

Getting a best deal in the realm of business electricity is a tricky task. You need to be prudent in choosing the right supplier. FreePriceCompare plays a big role in providing you with a straight comparison between various energy suppliers in UK. Based on your requirements, it suggests a tailor made energy saving solution that suits you the most. You can easily switch to the supplier that offers you maximum savings.

How can I save on my business electricity bills with has a highly experienced team with more than a decade of industry experience. We specialize in giving complete comparison between various service providers. Also, we sum up your savings in each case.

Our team of experts, has total understanding of the UK electricity market. We frequently review the products and prices available in the energy supply market. We have complete know-how of business energy rates of each supplier. This makes our compare service quick and reliable.

Having brilliant business relations with all energy suppliers, including the “Big Six” energy providers, we can find cheapest business electricity rates in the shortest time. We facilitate our customers by explaining all the options so that they can choose the best deal for themselves.

Once you select the optimum deal, we will do the rest of the work for you. Starting from writing the letter for terminating your exiting energy deal to recommending the cheapest business electricity price in the market, we do it all for you!

I am new in business. Can you help me find the cheapest electricity deal in the UK?

Of Course! Our services are also suitable for start-ups and new business entrants. Our first step would be to completely understand your business and the energy requirements of your company. Next, we will compare tariffs and energy plans offered by various suppliers and give you a concise comparison, which includes an exact figure about your savings on each deal.

Have you got a Half Hourly (00) Meter and/or multiple sites? We can help you reduce your bills too!

Half hourly meter and multi sites negotiations can be complex and time consuming, due to the constant fluctuations in wholesale energy prices, variable supplier hedging strategies and the requirement for detailed demand data.

However, our business advisors are well versed in the process and they work very hard to negotiate the cheapest prices for your business, allowing you time to keep focus on your customers. In the case where you have multiple sites or a very high electricity usage, will tender your contract to several suppliers to negotiate the best deal available in the whole market.

Are you in a contract for your business electricity? Set-up a reminder!

Many businesses fail to realise that when their business energy contract is due for renewal, if they do not act at the right time, the energy supplier will automatically roll them over onto a new 12 month contract, often at rates that are more than 50% above the current market. At, we highly recommend that you use our FREE reminder service by calling us on 0203 4757 476 or by filling in the details on the “Still in Contract” form.

Once your renewal window is open, we will contact you via email and may also call to let you know the current energy rates in the market, so you’re fully aware on the best options available to your business.

What’s more, we give full assistance in terminating your current contract so you don’t get automatically rolled over by your electricity supplier.

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