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The Samsung Tab came in a wide variety of sizes, screen sizes and customisations, but never really touched the sales, design acclaim or features of the Ipad. Now with the upcoming launch of their Galaxy S6, Samsung are aiming to compete with the Ipad 2 with their new Tab S2. A lot of the criticism […]

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The mobile telecommunications sector is one which is heavily regulated, monitored and checked due to its prominence and popularity, as well as the personal nature of the information being shared across the various platforms. Social Media applications and sites are much less so, and the mobile providers have had enough. Social sharing apps like WhatsApp, […]

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Despite being in the midst of a potential merger with BT, EE has committed £1.5bn to expand its coverage and speed of their 4G (LTE) mobile data service. Currently, EE’s 4G mobile network is available to 80% of the UK population and it will reach 98% by the end of 2015. The company is also […]

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Apple addicts will be happy to hear that a release date for the much rumoured and whispered about iPhone 7has been finalised. September 8th 2015 has been given by Apple as the release date, and this has created a storm of speculation and wishing from fans and critics alike. This follows Apple’s trend of releasing […]

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The newest model of tablet to be released by Sony is being billed the lightest, slimmest Sony tablet to date. Sony are making several bold claims about the Xperia Z4, and it looks as if quite a few of them could make this tablet one to keep an eye on in coming weeks. The Xperia […]

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Below we look at some of the suggested dangers of mobile phones and their counter arguments. However from the outset, it’s important to note that empirically speaking, there isn’t enough evidence to suggest that mobile phones actually increase the risk of health problems. Possible danger: Mobile phones create a magnetic field which can affect how […]

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