Car Insurance – The forced choice for millions in the UK

December 11th, 2019

Millions will go uninsured if not forced to buy car insurance in the UK

UK motorists show the least interest in buying car insurance according to the report of an independent research done by Co-op. Nearly 6.8 million car drivers would not like to buy car insurance if it was left at their will. This number equals to 43% of the car drivers in Britain and 22% of the motorists were unsure about buying a motor insurance or not. Most of them may not buy if it was not a law in the UK.

This revelation is a cause for concern as despite knowing the gravity of accidents and injuries, people still only buy car insurance unwillingly or they are unsure about this life saving investment. According to data, around 12.5% of motorists make car insurance claims with an average cost of £3,000. This cost of repair and damage is not affordable for every motorist and so, it is evident that car insurance is of great help.

According to the reports from the Department for Transport, the scenario of road accidents and casualties have improved in 2015. The report suggests that compared to 2014, there is reduction in casualties. However, the number is still quite high and equals to 186,209. The following table gives details about the scenario of road accidents in Great Britain.

Casualty type

Year (2015)

Total killed


Seriously injured


Killed or seriously injured


Slightly injured


All casualties


Knowing such big numbers, the government stresses on car insurance and promotes its advantages. However, the research suggests that people are unwilling to buy car insurance and for most of them it is a forced law. Apart from this, another worry is that people do not understand common terminologies and are often found confused about things related to car insurance.

Following are the terms which keep the motorists confused:


Percentage of motorists who do not have a fair idea about it

Enhanced courtesy car


Modifications Cover


Medical expenses


Motor legal protection


Personal injury cover


Compulsory excess


Protected no claims discount


Voluntary excess


Motor legal expenses


Key care cover


With reference to the numbers given above, it is a matter of surprise and deep concern on how the motorists have a lack of knowledge in the realm of car insurance.

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